Blackjack 3 Hand – triple your chances of winning!

Habanero’s game Blackjack 3 Hand is a common blackjack game with one twist. In this game, a player can place his stakes in three places and at the same time play in three places.
blackjack 3 hand
Blackjack 3 Hand, Habanero, Online Casino Bonus
Blackjack 3 Hand, Habanero

In addition to these features, Blackjack 3 Hand differs from other games on the basis that it is played with five decks.

However, the goal of the Blackjack game remains the same and that is to beat the dealer by getting the highest sum of the cards or get a total of 21, get Blackjack and secure your victory.

The set-up cards have certain values written on them, Jack, Queen and the King are worth ten points. The Ace in this game is worth 11 points if the sum of the other cards is ten or less, or 1 point if the sum of the other cards is 11 or more. If a player happens to have two Aces, one of them has a value of 11, unless all other cards together are worth ten or more points.

If a player has an Ace of 11 points, then his hand is called “soft”, and if he has no Ace or has an Ace of one point, “hard”.

General rules of blackjack

The dealer deals two cards to the player and one to himself. The player gets to decide what he wants to do next – Hit, Split or Double down.

If you select Hit, you will get another card.
You can use the Split option if the dealer gives you two cards of the same value. In that case, you have the right to split those two cards and place the same bet on both. If you get two Aces, you can use Split, but if you get a card worth 10, this will not count as Blackjack, even though you have a total of 21.

If you use double down, you get another card and you have to stop there. Also, in this version of blackjack, you can use the Double down option after Split.

You can use the Stand option if you do not want more cards. The dealer continues to deal himself or herself cards until one of you wins. You can’t give up, you have to play your hand to the end!

Another general rule is that the dealer stops when he/she has a maximum of 17 points in his/her hand. After that, he does not continue to deal cards. There is also the so-called Double rule, which means that a player can double the bet in the first hand on the first two cards.

Blackjack 3 Hand – Scoring

If you win the standard game, you will receive a payout of 1:1.
If you get Blackjack, the payout is 3:2. However, if both the dealer and you have Blackjack, then there is a tie and your bet is returned.
If you manage to guess that the dealer has Blackjack through the Insurance bet, the insurance amount is returned in the ratio 2:1.

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