Chicken Drop – a slot of farm bonuses

Head to the farm with the Chicken Drop slot, which comes from the casino game provider Pragmatic Play. The game has the function of overturning the columns, and pay special attention to the symbols of the clover with 4 leaves and watering cans because they bring special prizes.

Also, you will enjoy a bonus round of free spins where all upgraded symbols remain in effect until the end of the bonus round, you will learn more about the game below this review.

Chicken Drop
Chicken Drop video slot

The Chicken Drop video slot has a setting of 7 columns in 7 rows, and the paylines are formed by grouping 5 or more matching symbols. These groups of symbols can be combined vertically, horizontally or by a combination of both directions.

At the bottom of the slot is a control panel with keys that are used to place bets and start the game. Place the desired bet on the Bet +/- button, and start the game on the Start button, presented in the form of an inverted arrow.

The Chicken Drop slot brings 5,000 times more than the stakes per spin!

In Chicken Drop, you have the option of setting autoplay to the Autoplay button, and you can find out everything you need to know about the game in the Information option, on the left.

The theoretical RTP of this online casino game is 96.50%, which is better than the average, which is usually 96% for slots. This is a game of great variance, and the most you can win in one spin is 5,000 times more than the stakes.

The Chicken Drop video slot is thematically related to the farm and is located in a rural setting. In the background of the game, you will see green fields and a large barn, a fairly simple design that perfectly matches the theme of the game.

As for the symbols in the Chicken Drop slot, they are of excellent design and are divided into two groups, as symbols of higher payout value and symbols of lower payout value.

Chicken Drop
Win mysterious bonuses

Symbols of strawberries, blueberries, corn and mushrooms, of which strawberries have the highest payout value, will greet you on the slot columns.

Next to them, there are also symbols of a red heart and blue sticks, of a slightly lower value. Special attention will be drawn to the symbols of the four-leaf clover, which will bring you happiness in the form of a multiplier, but also the symbol of a watering can.

The scatter symbol in the Chicken Drop slot is displayed in the shape of a treasure chest and will reward you with a bonus round of free spins, which we will discuss in more detail below.

The game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it in the warmth of home on your computer, but also somewhere in nature via a tablet or mobile phone.

In the game Chicken Drop, there is a cluster system of overturning columns, but there are also progressive improvements that can increase the size of the symbols, as well as introduce multipliers into the game. If you add a bonus round of free spins to all that, fun but also earnings are guaranteed.

Enjoy free spins and progressive bonuses!

As for the bonus feature of overturning columns, you have seen it in other slots, and for those who do not know, there is a short explanation of what happens on that occasion.

Namely, when a winning cluster is formed, the Tumble function follows, ie the columns are overturned, where the winning symbols are removed and new symbols arrive in their place.

Then follows a new drop of symbols and rollovers last as long as there are paylines. This way you can achieve better winning potential in one spin.

Progressive characteristics come into play when a watering can or a 4-leaf clover lands on the slot columns.

Then the egg falls on the columns of the slot and reveals a group of the same symbol, and the watering can is a symbol of size upgrade. The bucket increases the size of the next egg drop from 2 × 2 up to 6 × 6.

Chicken Drop
4-leaf clover bring multipliers

The multiplier upgrade function comes from a 4-leaf clover, and the multiplier starts at size x2 and grows all the way up to size x11, which can give you impressive gains. The multiplier is applied to the winning group which is the result of the egg falling.

We get to the real attraction of the Chicken Drop slot and it is a bonus round of free spins that is activated with the help of a scatter symbol.

We already mentioned that the scatter symbol is represented by a treasure chest, and 4 or more of these symbols will reward you with a bonus of free spins.

Depending on the number of scatter symbols with which the bonus round is launched, you can win the following number of bonus free spins:

  • 4 scatter symbols will reward you with 10 bonus free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols are rewarded with 15 bonus free spins
  • 6 scatter symbols will reward you with 20 bonus free spins

It is important to say that all symbol upgrades are active in the bonus round of free spins and remain active until the end of the bonus round.

If you get 4 more bonus scatter symbols during the bonus round, you will be rewarded with an additional 5 bonus free spins and there is no limit to how many times you can restart the free spins.

Play the Chicken Drop video slot at your favorite online casino and an exciting farm action awaits you with lots of bonuses.

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