Choco Reels – win the sweetest casino bonuses

If you want the sweetest fun, the next casino game is the right choice for you. You will be surrounded by sweets – Chocolate will be all around you. Try the sweetest casino bonuses and enjoy the fun like you’ve never seen before.

Choco Reels is an unusual online casino game presented to us by game maker Wazdan. In this game, you can expect sweet bonuses in the form of free spins and choco spins. In addition, the cascading columns will make the feeling of playing even sweeter.

Choco Reels
Choco Reels

If you are in the mood to find out what awaits you in this game, we recommend that you read the continuation of the text, which is followed by an overview of the Choco Reels slot. An overview of this game follows in several segments:

  • Basic characteristics
  • Choco Reels slot symbols
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Graphics and sounds

Basic characteristics

Choco Reels is a slot of an unusual grid. This slot has six columns but the setting is different depending on the stage of the game.

The basic game setting is 2-3-4-4-3-2 and during the basic game, there are 2,304 ways to win.

When you activate one of the bonus games there are six columns placed in six rows and a total of 46,656 ways to win.

To make any winnings, you need to connect three matching symbols from left to right, starting from the first column on the left.

All winning combinations are counted from left to right. Scatter is the only symbol that brings payouts outside paylines as well.

You can make one win in one winning streak. There is a possibility to make multiple winnings in one spin if you make multiple paylines at the same time.

The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time.

Below the columns, you will see fields with possible stakes. You can activate Turbo Spin Mode and this version of the game has three speeds.

Choco Reels slot symbols

Among the symbols of the lowest payout value, you will see only sweets. There will be lollipops, candies, chewing gum and candy in the shape of a slice of tangerine. The latter has the highest value and six of these symbols bring the value of the stakes.

Ice cream and candy are symbols of a slightly higher-paying power. They are followed by a lollipop in pink and white. If you combine these six symbols in the winning combination, you will win five times more than the stakes.

The colorful lollipop is the most valuable basic symbol. If you combine these six symbols in the winning combination, you will win 10 times more than the stakes.

The wild symbol is represented by a set of sweets with the Wild logo. He changes all the symbols, except the scatter and the bug symbols, and helps them create winning combinations.

Choco Reels

The wild symbol is not a paying symbol.

Exclusive bonuses

This slot has cascading columns. This means that all the winnings that participate in the winning combinations will disappear and new ones will appear in their place in the hope that the winning streak will be extended.

Each time you win, a bug symbol will appear that will remove two chocolate cubes.

When you make six consecutive winnings, all 12 chocolate cubes will disappear from the columns and bonus chocolate spins will start.

You will be rewarded with six free spins. After each spin, the multiplier increases during this bonus game. Thus the first spin yields the multiplier x1 while the sixth free spin yields the multiplier x6. And during this bonus game you will have 46,656 ways to win.

Choco Reels
Choco Spins

The free spins feature is another bonus game that you activate with the help of scatter symbols. Scatter is also the strongest symbol of the game and six of these symbols on the columns bring 50 times more than the stakes.

Three or more scatters bring 10 free spins. Whenever a symbol with the + 3FS logo appears during this bonus game, you get three additional free spins.

Whenever you win during free spins, the value of the multiplier increases by plus one.

Choco Reels
Free spins

There is a possibility to buy both free and choco spins.

You can double each win with the help of a gambling bonus.

Graphics and sounds

Choco Reels slot columns are set in the candy realm. You will enjoy the sound effects of the game whenever you win.

The design and graphics of the game look unreal.

Choco Reels – the sweetest fun can begin!


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