Dragon Tiger – win up to 50 times more than the stakes!

Dragon Tiger is a beautiful and simple game from Evolution Gaming! The game is fast with short rounds and set in a stunning setting with light effects.

Dragon Tiger resembles Baccarat greatly and players around the world adore it. The beauty of the game is in the simplicity as only two competing cards are separated: “dragon” and “tiger”! The object of the game is to guess whether a dragon or a tiger will draw a card with a higher value and thus win.
The player can also place a bet on whether the cards dealt with the dragon or tiger will be of the same value and thus lead to a draw.
dragon tiger

Dragon Tiger, Evolution, Online Casino, Baccarat
Dragon Tiger, Evolution

Rules of Dragon Tiger

The goal of the game is to predict which side, a dragon or tiger, wins or draws. The cards are dealt from a deck box containing eight decks excluding the wildcards. The player places a bet on a dragon, a tiger, or a draw. Then the dealer deals one card with the face-up showing the dragon or tiger. If the dragon and tiger cards have the same value and color, then it’s a draw and half of the player’s main stake is returned and the payout will be in the ratio of 50:1. The highest card wins money in a payout of 1:1, and if there is a tie, then half of the player’s main stake will be refunded under the payout of 11:1

Dragon Tiger game wins the hearts of players around the world!

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