Dragonz – Dragons reward with bonuses and wilds!

The Dragonz video slot comes from the renowned casino game provider Microgaming. The slot abounds with bonus features that will leave everyone breathless. Wild symbols of great value and four friends embark on an adventure under the clouds full of bonus games. Four great cute dragons will entertain you and reward you with bonuses!


The slot with the theme of animated dragons has a setting of five reels in three rows and 243 payout modes with bonus rounds of free spins and wild symbols. It also contains 3D graphics and looks like a real cartoon. The symbols on the reeds are divided into two groups. The first group consists of cards A, J, K, Q as well as 9 and 10, lower values, but this is compensated by more frequent appearances in the slot. Symbols of higher value are represented by four small, cute dragons. The dragons you will hang out with are:

  • Flint – Flint, red dragon
  • Switch – Switch, purple dragon
  • Frost – Frost, blue dragon
  • Gobble – Glitter, green dragon

The video slot also has both scatter and wild symbols that together run as many as five bonus functions.

Dragonz – win lucrative bonus games!

At the bottom of the slot is a command board with options that introduce players to the game. Place the desired bet on the Bet +/- key, then press the Spin key to start reels. The Autoplay key is used to automatically spin spins a certain number of times. There is also a window where you can see the details of the game and the value of the symbols as well as statistics.

Dragonz, Online Casino Bonus

As for the basic game, you need to pay attention to the Wild symbol, as when it appears on the third reel it will launch the Wild Deal function in which you will get additional wild symbols on the other reels for a great payout. This feature runs quite often, so a losing spin can turn into a winning spin.

Bonus games

The Dragonz video slot refers to four dragons that host the game and each has its own personality and function in the game. Apart from that a slot also has a bonus function of free spins which is activated by scatter symbols. Three or more scatter symbols on the reels at the same time will trigger a round of free spins bonus. Then one of the four bonus functions is awarded randomly, and each is based on a dragon.

Win bonus free spins with wilds!

Once you activate the Free Spins feature, you can then select any of the four Free Spins features. The functions are as follows:

  • Flint – Red Dragon is a feature where you get 10 bonus free spins with the Flaming Wilds feature. Flint can randomly fire wilds on the reels.
  • Switch – The Purple Dragon is a feature where you get 10 bonus free spins with the Stashed Wilds feature. He guards the wilds and, when three wild symbols are collected, they are randomly distributed on the reels. Free spins last until all wilds are found.
  • Frost – Blue Dragon is a feature where you get 10 bonus free spins with the Frosty Wilds feature. Here, Frost slides on the ice, freezing the wilds in place, until they become part of the winning combination. The good thing is that they stay frozen on the reels until they achieve a winning combination.
  • Gobble – Green Dragon is a feature that gets 10 bonus free spins but with the Winning Wilds feature! Gobble randomly spits, instead of fire, wild wilds on the reels, which are kept in place until it is part of the winning combination. That way you can get a lot of free spins with sticky wildcards on them.
Online Casino Bonus

Dragonz is a cheerful and fun online casino slot with a multitude of bonus games that bring in great earnings and fun. It is colorful and looks fantastic with little dragons.

The game also has a demo version, so you can try it out before investing real money. It is also available to play on all devices, both on the desktop and on the tablet and mobile phone.

The Dragonz video slot, inspired by the cute dragons Flint, Switch, Santa and Glitter, is set on a rocky landscape, and the cute dragons will delight you with great bonus games. Enjoy good animation and have fun.

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