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It is important to understand the terminology and vocabulary of certain wisdoms and sayings. Some of them are quotes about gambling. There are countless clichés and sayings about casinos that, if misunderstood, can be misleading. The beauty of language and the power to concisely communicate complex ideas is often a wonderful skill. A lot of true wisdom can be drawn from simple phrases.

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So let’s take a look at some of the world’s favorite quotes about gambling:

“Gambling is a great game and all men are equal in cards!”

This work of philosophical wisdom comes from the mind of Nikolai Vasiljevic Gogol, a Russian writer born in Ukraine. In addition to writing dramatic screenplays for theater, novels and short stories, he is also known for creating critical contemporary commentaries on the most important political and social topics of his time.

Gambling Quotes, Online Casino Bonus
Gambling Quotes, Online Casino Bonus

In his quote about gambling: “Gambling is a great game and all men are equal in cards“, Gogol clearly emphasizes the balanced and impartial nature of gambling. This basically means that no one is more fortunate than another, regardless of rank or title. Although this is a simple saying, it has an incredible purpose and importance for modern gambling theory. Excessive self-confidence and elements of delusion often lead to bad consequences. Those who pay attention to the lessons of this quote are often more likely to make smarter bets and ultimately make more money.

“Gambling is fun, people go to casinos to have fun!”

This optimistic view of the gaming industry is more complex than it seems at first. In this quote, we are reminded of the real reason why people gamble. What many critics in the entertainment industry forget is the entertainment factor that underlies gambling. Sometimes it is likely that casino players will lose money, but the reason why people decide to travel to Las Vegas is to experience a world-class atmosphere. This gives you a fun factor that can be an invaluable experience for players. In that sense, the losses from the dice can be reduced in relation to the costs of the entertainment that was obtained.

Quotes about gambling – “When gambling, it is a sin to play a bad game wrong!”

This most prominent piece of wisdom given by Ian Fleming again reminds us of the falsity of believing in our own unique strengths or gambling skills. Ian Fleming was an English author, journalist and the most famous creator of a series of novels about James Bond.

James Bond, Ian Fleming, Online Casino Bonus
James Bond, Ian Fleming, Online Casino Bonus

This quote about gambling: “In gambling, it is a sin to play a bad game wrong” mainly refers to card games. If you want to improve your knowledge of card games, read our tutorials on Blackjack and Baccarat.

Bad luck and bad play can often be combined and misinterpreted. Every frequent poker player proves that the more he practices and improves his skill in interpreting the cards, the higher the probability of winning. Which, practically, means that there is no bad luck, you just need a good knowledge of the rules of the game and an understanding of correct mathematics. Poker players who use statistics have an advantage over other players who do not, and they also have an advantage over the casino itself.

“Don’t tell me about your gains but about your losses!”

Following the beginning of this quote is difficult, but it is known that it was a common mantra in Victorian England. This refers to the type of gamblers who invest money without keeping an accurate record or any basic tracking mechanism to understand the true nature of their long-term profit or loss. This type of player celebrates their victory loudly and presents themselves as capable of making huge gains. They often introduce themselves and offer to be expert advisors. In that case, they should offer a transparent view of their betting history. To show the true picture of gains and losses, so that they can become “expert advisors”.

“The money won is twice as sweet as the money earned!”

For many gamblers, this quote gives a clear picture of why they gamble. It’s not just about the money itself, but about the joy of getting it. The quote is from the movie “Color of Money”, which presented the character of Fast Eddie, played by Paul Newman.

There are many sayings about gambling and it is impossible to cover them all. In most mantras and philosophies about gambling, there are basic themes and lessons that remain consistent. Carefulness and prudence are often emphasized so that they are aware of their chances, without deception. Also, it is necessary to avoid the temptation of greed, if you successfully resist the urge for ever-increasing gains and play wisely, you are winning in the long run.

And finally, another wisdom you can think about: “Gambling is not about how well you play games, but actually how well you carry your money!

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