Happy Ape – a playful online casino slot!

Let us take refuge for a moment in the jungle of the Happy Ape slot, where a cute, overjoyed monkey is waiting for us.

Read more about this slot below, where you will find out:

  • Details of the slot, how many paylines it owns and how to win
  • All about the symbols – which are, which bring instant payments, and which have bonus functions
  • What are the five suitcases at the top of the game board
  • All about bonus features powered by a naughty monkey
  • What is a progressive jackpot

The monkey of the Happy Ape video slot is so happy that he jumps in front of the slot board all the time, hitting the ground and flying over the slot columns.

He seems eager to give you bonuses that are in play with five locked chests behind which are prizes.

Let’s start the adventure on five columns where a lot of fun awaits you!

The playful jungle is located in the Happy Ape video slot

Online casino slot Happy Ape is a colorful title provided by the casino game provider Habanero. The slot board is placed between two stone pillars and is transparent, and only the vines intersect it.

The perfectly prominent symbols that appear on the game board are represented, above all, by the classic card signs: spade, heart, club and diamond. Somewhat more valuable basic symbols appear in the form of pears, plums, lemons and coconuts.

happy ape

The symbols that will appear much less often on the board of the Happy Ape slot include the wild, scatter and golden key.

The banana is a wild symbol that changes all the basic symbols and builds winning combinations with them. As you are used to, in this video slot, the scatter is the only symbol that cannot be replaced.

In addition to giving payouts through common combinations with other symbols, the Wild also provides payouts for winning combinations of five of the same symbols.

Among the special symbols, the scatter is the one that has the ability to introduce you to the bonus game. But, apart from that, the scatter is also the only symbol for which the rule of sorting winnings by paylines does not apply.

When you line up three scatter symbols anywhere on the game board, regardless of paylines, the scatter will pay you the winnings and switch to the bonus game.

Collect keys to multipliers, scatter symbols and wilds

Before we move on to the bonus game, we have to look a little more at the look of the Happy Ape slot, because that’s where the good bonuses are hidden.

Take a look above the columns, there are five locked suitcases.

To get to the mysterious contents of these suitcases, you will have to collect the keys on the columns. These keys will appear randomly after each spin, and when they do, they will open more special symbols!

By unlocking the case, you can get to the multipliers x2 or x3, which can occur together, and more than once, when they multiply with each other.

In addition to multipliers, you can also get a scatter symbol, which will be great if you need one scatter to open a bonus game.

There will also be wilds and two purple arrows, which indicate the enabled payout for combinations of symbols in both directions.

aaa 23

When you win one of these symbols, the fields where the keys were located will remain blank, and new symbols will take their place:

  • For multipliers x2, x3 and violet arrows, the key is replaced by a randomly selected symbol
  • For the scatter symbol, the key is replaced by the scatter symbol
  • For the wild, the key is replaced by a banana, which represents the wild

This Happy Ape slot feature is gaining in importance in the bonus game as it will run much more often. At least one key per spin is guaranteed, which automatically means better payouts.

The only downside is that scatter symbols will not appear in the bonus game, and there is no possibility of gaining additional free spins through this feature.

Of course, additional free spins are possible, as scatter symbols will appear on the game board. The great thing is that you will be rewarded with four free spins for just one scatter symbol on the columns, and the maximum number of free spins is 36!

aaaa 17

The happy monkey runs two bonus functions

Remember the monkey we mentioned in the introduction? It will be crucial for the next two features that appear in both the basic and bonus game.

The first of the two bonus games is Banana Toss, which runs randomly when a monkey starts throwing bananas on the game board. These bananas are wilds, and during this function, he can throw 2-6 bananas anywhere on the game board!

aaaaa 4

The second feature, Ape Smash, also runs randomly, on an unprofitable spin. When the monkey jumps on the slot board, you will know that the bonus game has begun!

The monkey can knock down 3-6 symbols at random, they will disappear and the symbols above them will descend in their place.

So, Ape Smash comes with cascading columns, but we couldn’t call the Happy Ape slot cascading, because it’s just one bonus game.

This breaking of the symbols guarantees a win because the whole look of the board will change, the symbols will mix, and so make winning combinations!

aa 26

The progressive jackpot can be yours at any time!

The online casino slot Happy Ape has another surprise for slot lovers. It is a progressive jackpot that can be won at any time!

The great thing is that the value of this jackpot is constantly growing, with each spin, because the value of the jackpot is affected by the stake of each player who plays this game.

Jump to your favorite online casino and check the value of the jackpot, you may be greeted by a top figure.

We can really say that the Happy Ape video slot is a masterpiece when it comes to slots. Rarely does a slot have so many bonus games and features, which guarantee good winnings in every spin.

In addition to the bonuses, players can also have a lot of fun, because this is a colorful video slot, which is perfectly accompanied by cheerful music. The graphics stand out from the average, the interactive animations attract attention, making the Happy Ape video slot tempting to play.

Let’s remember: a bonus game, five chests with multipliers, scatter symbols, wilds and purple arrows, as well as two bonus functions with additional wilds and cascading columns… that’s just one part of the beauty of this slot.

Head to your favorite online casino and try the Happy Ape online casino slot!

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