Midnight Madness – casino game with top winnings

For all lovers of night adventures a new casino game is coming that will absolutely delight you. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a slot in an unusual setting that will not leave anyone indifferent. Enjoy an exciting time!

Midnight Madness is a slot with a simple design, without bonus games, but with exceptional payouts! Its specificity is that in one slot you will be able to enjoy 15 opportunities to win! You will have a chance to win 15 with one spin!

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If you want to know something more about this game, we suggest you read the continuation of the text in which the overview of the Midnight Madness online slot follows. We divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic information
  • Midnight Madness slot symbols and payout odds
  • Graphics and sound effects

Basic information

If you thought that the game producer Spearhead produces only casino slots with a large number of bonuses, you are mistaken. With the game Midnight Madness, they decided to please the fans of classic slots.

But in order for this game not to be without surprises, it is actually made up of 15 slots that have three columns, one row and one payline.

You trigger all 15 slots with each spin. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to play all 15 slots at the same time, you have the option to choose a 5 or 10-slot version. The choice is yours!

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To make any winnings, you need to match three identical symbols on the payline. At the same time, it is the only possible winning combination.

The great thing is that you will be able to achieve multiple wins during one spin. With just a little magic, it is possible to achieve 15 wins from one spin.

You start the game by clicking on the huge Spin button, which is located in the middle below the columns.

When you see the design of the game, it will be clear to you that the game is primarily made as a mobile version, but you can perfectly have fun playing it on your laptop and desktop computers.

Clicking on the button with the image of coins opens a menu in which you can determine the stake value per payline. You can also choose whether to play five, 10 or 15 slots at the same time.

If you want a more dynamic game, activate Turbo Spin Mode by clicking on the field with the image of lightning.

You can adjust the sound effects in the game settings.

Midnight Madness slot symbols and payout odds

As symbols of the lowest payout value in this game, you will see several fruit trees. There are lemon, lime, banana and grapes.

Watermelon is the fruit that brings the highest payouts. Three of these symbols on a payline will win you 7.5 times your stake.

The purple heart is the next symbol in terms of payout value. If you connect three of these symbols in a winning combination, you will win 10 times more than the stake.

Next comes the saxophone symbol which brings even bigger payouts. Three of these symbols in a winning sequence will win you 20 times your stake.

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Purple sunglasses bring significantly higher payouts. If you match three of these symbols on a payline, you will win 50 times your stake.

After it, you will see a dice symbol that brings a maximum payout of 100 times the stake.

The bar symbol will delight you with its payouts. If you connect three of these symbols on a payline, you will win 200 times your stake.

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In the end, we left the two most valuable symbols. The first in the series is the orange star symbol. If you match three of these symbols on a payline, you will win 2,500 times your stake.

The most valuable symbol of the game is the red Lucky 7 symbol. If three of these symbols land on a payline you will win 15,000 times your stake!

Graphics and sound effects

The columns of the Midnight Madness slot are located on the streets of the seaside town, and behind the columns, you will see palm trees and a full moon. You will hear the sounds of the chase all the time.

Dynamic music will delight you. The sound effects when you win are even better.

Play Midnight Madness and win 15,000 times more!


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