Nefertiti Hyperways – the slot of the Queen’s bonuses

It’s time to start exploring ancient Egypt with the Nefertiti Hyperways slot, which comes from the casino game provider Game Art. This online casino game has cascading winnings, sticky wilds, stacked wilds, bonus free spins and many winning combinations.

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The Nefertiti Hyperways video slot comes in five columns with at least 4,096 winning combinations, but you can end up with over 60 million winning combinations.

What is unusual about this online casino game is that you can choose the level of volatility yourself.

nefertiti hyperways

By changing the level of volatility, the greatest potential gain changes. As we said in the introduction the game includes cascading winnings, various wilds, multipliers and bonus free spins.

The Nefertiti Hyperways slot takes you to ancient Egypt for bonuses!

The Nefertiti Hyperways casino slot takes us back to the time of Queen Nefertiti who was the wife of a pharaoh from ancient Egypt named Akhenaten. She fights against several gods in this game, so you will see them on the columns of the slot.

The symbols you will see on the columns of the slot are Mega Nefertiti, which is a wild symbol.

Then, there are the symbols of the pyramids and the pharaoh, and you will be greeted by Horus, Anubis, Bastet and Osiris.

In addition to them, on the columns of the Nefertiti Hyperways slot, you will also see card symbols that have a lower payout value.

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Before you start playing the Nefertiti Hyperways slot, place your bets on the control panel at the bottom of the slot.

There’s also a Spin button, in the middle of the board, which starts the game, while you can use the Autoplay button to play automatically. There is also the ability to control the volume.

On the left side of the column, you will see a green button where you can select the volatility level. Above it is a round gold button with the GA logo where you have the option to buy a bonus game.

Get to know the characteristics of the Egyptian-themed slot!

Let’s take a look at the features that await us in the Nefertiti Hyperways slot. For starters, there are extended columns that have become very popular with online casino providers.

The Game Art provider decided to go with the Hyperways system, where ordinary 5 × 4 columns are covered with symbols that can have individual multipliers.

The multiplier symbol will count as more than one symbol on that column, thus giving more winning combinations. It’s nice to know that up to 60 million ways to win can be unlocked in one spin, because each symbol can be multiplied by x9.799.

When you form your winnings in the Nefertiti Hyperways slot, cascades will follow. In the cascade system, all the winning symbols disappear, and new symbols come in their place.

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The slot also has a Mega Nefertiti sliding function that will bring mega-size symbols to the slot columns. These symbols take up position anywhere, and their multiplier can go up to x36 depending on the size of the symbols.

It is important to note that random wild symbols will be added to the columns. If you go through cascades, then Mega Nefertiti can enter wild symbols in some of the inaccessible positions and will remain until the end of the function.

Win bonus free spins!

The wonderful thing is that the Nefertiti Hyperways slot has a free spin bonus game, which you can activate when 5 scatter symbols appear at the same time on the slot columns.

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Then you will be rewarded with 8 bonus free spins during which you can expect a nice profit. What is important is that the Mega Nefertiti Wild will appear during the bonus free spins.

Thanks to the Hyperways system and the way it allows you to choose the level of volatility, the Nefertiti Hyperways slot is a real refreshment in a sea of similar games.

You can also play Slot Nefertiti Hyperways via your mobile phones, and the game also has a demo version, which is the perfect way to try the game for free.

Play the Nefertiti Hyperways slot at your chosen online casino and make good winnings.



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