Robin of Loxley – a slot based on a legend

The Robin of Loxley video slot comes from a Mascot Gaming provider with bonus free spins and multipliers.

Robin of Loxley or Robin of Sherwood is the name of a famous fighter from English folklore, skilled with arrows and swords, whom the poor rejoiced over for the money he brought them. A favorite hero of many movies, the famous Robin Hood had to get a place at the online casino.

You had the opportunity to play the Robin of Sherwood slot and get acquainted with this slot in our review, and now you will have the opportunity to read about the Robin of Loxley video slot that comes to us from the provider Mascot.

Meet Robin of Loxley in the video slot

Set in Sherwood Leaf Forest, Robin of Loxley is a great homage to the famous Robin Hood, with characters appearing in legend.

On the board of the slot, which is located in the central part, we can notice various symbols, most of which are characters from the legend. These symbols, as basic symbols, are joined by the card symbols heart, spade, diamond and club. Of the special symbols, we have the wild and scatter symbol.


The Robin of Loxley slot wild is represented by a bag of gold, which provides payouts for its own combinations for three or more of the same symbols.

When he replaces the basic symbols in the winning combination, the wild will double the value of that combination. The only symbol the wild can’t replace is the scatter.

Free spins with multipliers are waiting for you in the bonus game

Scatter is a symbol that appears as a red and white target in both the base and bonus games. In addition to providing payouts for its own symbol combinations, the scatter also runs a bonus game.

When you collect three or more of these symbols, they will be highlighted in their fields and the other symbols will be dimmed. You need to choose one of these symbols and you will discover the number of free spins and multipliers won!


When you find yourself in a bonus game, if new scatter symbols appear, you will get one extra free spin for each one.

If there are more scatter symbols, they will not contribute to the winnings, but will only increase the number of free spins.


Buy a pass to the bonus game and enjoy free spins

You will also be able to access the bonus game via Mascot’s distinctive Risk’n’Buy Feature.

After each spin, winning or not, you will have the opportunity to use the shortcut to the bonus game.

If you choose this option after the winning spin, you risk your winnings on that spin and go directly to the bonus game you will play with a random number of free spins. This option will not be available to you only if you use Autoplay mode.


Symbol combinations need to be arranged in columns from left to right, starting with the first column on the left.

In addition, the combination must match one of the 20 paylines, and if you have more winnings on one payline, you will only be paid the highest value combination.

Winnings on several paylines at the same time are possible, and the game contains basic keys that will help you play.

The yellow inverted arrow key indicates the spin button, on the right is Autoplay, which starts the slot to play automatically.

On the left is the Max Bet button, suitable for players with higher stakes. The dashboard also includes fields for betting settings, tracking spin winnings and current balance.

On the left side, in the drop-down menu, there is also a mute button, if you don’t like mild fairytale music.

Online casino slot Robin of Loxley is a standard video slot edition, which comes with one bonus game.

The difference compared to other slots of the same type is the arrival of free spins, which due to its specificity adds adrenaline.

In addition to free spins, the bonus game also includes multipliers that increase the value of each winning combination, which further adds to the excitement and fun.

If you enjoy epic-themed video slots, play the Robin of Loxley video slot, which awaits you at your favorite online casino.


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