Secrets of Alchemy – a slot of magic bonuses!

Alchemy is shrouded in a veil of mystery and when we think of it in our minds are ancient philosophers with all the secrets of immortality. In the Secrets of Alchemy slot, which comes from the EGT casino game provider, we will encounter the secrets of alchemists to turn metal into gold.

Find out how much this knowledge will help you make gold winnings in the slot below this review of the casino game.

Secrets of Alchemy
Secrets of Alchemy video slot

The Secrets of Alchemy video slot has a set of five columns in three rows and 25 paylines with bonus free spins, gambling, and the ability to win jackpots.

The graphics in the Secrets of Alchemy slot are flawlessly done, as expected from the EGT provider.

The background of the game uses a green color scheme with mystical symbols and ancient graphics. The logo of the game is in the middle in a bright blue color and leaves the impression of diamonds and great wealth.

Each slot column is in a gold frame, and two human symbols, a man and a woman, as well as wilds and scatter symbols are further bordered by lavish gold frames.

Embark on a mystical journey with the Secrets of Alchemy slot!

As for the symbols that signify alchemy, you will see a golden frame around them, while the card symbols are designed to look like precious stones. The card symbols are in different colors, with a slightly lower value compared to other symbols.

In addition to the card symbols in the Secrets of Alchemy slot, you will be greeted by symbols of a golden rose, gold bars and an ancient book. These symbols have colorful graphics and are symbols of the average payout value.

Symbols that have a high payout value are presented in the form of a man and a woman, also of excellent design. The wild symbol in the Secrets of Alchemy slot is an alchemist, while the scatter symbol is in the form of a floating kingdom.

Secrets of Alchemy
A winning combination

Paylines are clearly visible on each side of the column and everything you need to control the game is clearly visible on the control panel.

The control panel is located at the bottom of the game where you will adjust the size of the stakes on the keys with numeric values, from 25 to 500.

You will also see the Last Win window where you are shown the last win and the Gamble button will appear, which is used to enter the mini bonus gambling game.

There is a help button that takes you to the rules of the game and an information button where you can learn all about the values ​​of each symbol separately. You can also find information about free games, bonus features and jackpot cards.

Secrets of Alchemy
Online Casino Bonus

We have already mentioned that the wild symbol in the slot is an alchemist, who is depicted as a mystical wizard with WILD letters that have a golden fiery glow. The wild symbol appears in columns 2, 3, 4 and 5 and has the power to replace all symbols except scatter symbols.

Win bonus free spins and enjoy the game of gambling!

The floating island-shaped scatter symbol can appear in columns 1, 2 and 3 and plays a role in starting the free spin bonus game.

Let’s take a look at how you can win bonus free spins in the Secrets of Alchemy slot. Namely, to activate the bonus round of free spins, it is necessary for three or more scatter symbols to appear simultaneously anywhere on the slots columns.

When you get the appropriate scatter symbols you will be rewarded with 7 bonus free spins. During the bonus round, it is possible to win free spins again by getting additional scatter symbols.

Another great bonus game can make you happy in the Secrets of Alchemy slot and it is a mini bonus gambling game, which starts after a winning spin, but there is a limit to how many winnings you can gamble with.

Secrets of Alchemy
Gambling feature

You enter the mini gambling bonus game on the Gamble button, on the control panel, and your task is to guess the color of the next randomly selected card. Available colors for guessing are red and black.

The great thing is that in the Secrets of Alchemy slot you have a chance to win the jackpot. Here’s how.

Jackpot cards represent the four levels of the mysterious jackpot and you will need to use the symbols of the playing cards located at the top of the game. The first level is diamonds, the second level are hearts, the third level is clubs while the fourth level is the highest and is represented by peaks.

As you spin the columns of the slot you can see the jackpot values ​​increase. Bonus Jackpot Cards can be randomly activated after any game and any of the levels can be won.

During the Jackpot Cards game, you will be presented with 12 cards, face down. Then you have to choose 3 matching cards.

The Secrets of Alchemy video slot is a very fun casino game with mystical elements, and exclusive bonuses, which will provide players with a superior gaming experience.

Play the Secrets of Alchemy video slot at your chosen online casino and enjoy the mystique, where bonuses can bring you great earnings.