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Gambling as a party goes back a long way in history but what is little known is that women have not been allowed access to gambling casinos for a long time. Until the 1960s, women could not gamble legally. Over time and the struggle of women for equal rights on all fronts, this also changed and women were allowed to gamble as well as men. In this article, we will remember which are the successful women in the world of gambling.

Successful women in the world of gambling 1
Successful women in the world of gambling 

By allowing women to enter casinos, many of them have climbed to the top of the gambling ladder and many have won some of the most prestigious gambling tournaments in the world. Some of them represented revolutionaries who pushed the boundaries against gender discrimination by allowing future generations of women to equalize the gender divide. Nowadays, many women are the stars of online poker.

Who are these successful women in the world of gambling and what do they play most often?

We will start with the successful woman in the world of gambling, Annie Duke, who is a poker player known for her multiple victories in tournaments as well as for her television appearances. Annie Duke originally embarked on an academic path, studying psychology at a local college. Over time, she discovered her talent for poker and won many tournaments and later worked as a tournament coach in Vegas.

The next to represent successful women in the world of gambling is Judy Bayley who has been called the first lady of gambling for miles. Judy graduated from the Faculty of English but she is also musically educated. She married Warren Bailey, who owned a hotel chain based in California and eventually opened hotels in Las Vegas. They were among the first to open a hotel-casino and when her husband died, Judy Bailey became the first woman to own a hotel-casino and successfully manage the business.

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Another revolutionary figure in the world of women’s gambling is Claudine Williams, who became the youngest woman to ever have a gambling club in Texas. She is also the first woman to be immortalized in Nevada’s Gambling Hall of Fame. She gained attention and fame with her contribution to the development of the gambling industry in Las Vegas.

Successful women in the world of gambling – revolutionaries and participants in poker tournaments!

When we say “Successful women in the world of gambling“, many will think of Vanessa Selbst, who is considered the greatest poker player ever. She has made a big shift in the women’s poker scene since first appearing in 2006 at the Las Vegas World Series. She has won three WSOP bracelets and has been to over 25 final tables in multiple tournaments and has the highest earnings of all women involved in poker tournaments. To this day, she remains the only woman to win first place in the Global Poker Index tournament, beating both men and women. Today, she has her own poker companies and has been inducted into the house of celebrity gamblers in Nevada.

Also worth mentioning is Lottie Deno, who stood out as a revolutionary figure in the world of gambling, born in 1844 and was probably the first woman to gain any reputation for her poker skills. During the Wild West, where prejudices against women were at their peak, Lottie showed courage, laying the foundations for future women in the world of gambling.

Meet artists and successful women in the world of gambling and online casinos!

Gladys Knight, known as the “Empress of the Soul”, also deserves attention in the “Successful Women in the World of Gambling” category. By the way, Gladys Knight is a singer with seven Grammy Awards. Having built a successful career in the entertainment industry, she has spent a decade dedicated to gambling. She played mostly Baccarat and Blackjack.

When we mention successful women in the world of gambling, Anette Obrestad stands out nowadays, who is known through her social networks, where she mostly shares makeup tips. Along with that goes her successful poker career. When she first came on the scene, at the age of 15, she used her parents’ credit card to sign up for various online poker sites. Between 2005 and 2006, she collected over a million dollars in cash prizes. She continued to play in poker tournaments and off the internet and for her 19th birthday, she won a million dollars in the World Series of Poker Europe tournament.

Anette Obrestad
Anette Obrestad

For the end of this article, Successful Women in the World of Gambling, we will also mention Canadian poker player Kirsten Bicknell, who started playing online poker. She participated in many tournaments, so she gave herself the nickname “The Ultimate Grinder“. In time, she was nicknamed the Fatal Woman. Today, she is considered one of the best female poker players in the world and her tournament earnings are more than $ 5 million by 2020.

Successful women in the world of gambling - Kristen Bicknell
Successful women in the world of gambling – Kristen Bicknell

With this article, we have presented you, Successful women in the world of gambling of which there are many but we have singled out a few because of their specificity.


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