Sugar Glider Dice – irresistible slot fun

For a moment, we are moving to the Australian continent, where we will present you one of the favorite animals that love sweets. Nectar is her favorite drink and this animal is called Sugar Glider, so the game we will present to you is named Sugar Glider Dice. You can meet this animal if you go to New Guinea or Tasmania, and some people have it as an exotic pet. Sugar Glider Dice combines this cute animal with dice and a new game is presented by the game manufacturer Endorphina. Read an overview of this slot below.

Sugar Glider Dice is an irresistible video slot that has five columns arranged in three rows and 10 active paylines. This actually means that you can adjust the number of paylines so you can play the version on fewer paylines and if you want to get acquainted with this slot it is a great choice. However, the biggest winnings only come when you play on all 10 paylines because then you can usually make more winnings at the same time.

To make any winnings you need to connect three or more matching symbols on the payline. The great thing is that here all profits are paid out in all directions. Whether you make a win from right to left, or from left to right, you don’t have to worry about it. An even better thing is that your winning streak does not have to start from the far right or left column but can also start from one of the center columns.

Sugar Glider Dice
Sugar Glider Dice

You can change your roles in several ways: clicking the Bet, Total Bet or Coin Value button will open a menu where you can change the Coin Value or Bet value. Whatever you do, the value of the Total Bet will change. Clicking on the Lines button will open a menu where you can set the number of active paylines. The Autoplay function and Turbo Spin Mode are available and you can activate them by swiping the Spin button from right to left.

About the Sugar Glider Dice slot symbols

It’s time to introduce you to the symbols of the Sugar Glider Dice slot and here you will see an unusual combination of exotic animals with dice symbols. The lowest payout value is brought by the dice with the number four and the dice with the number two, and five of these symbols on the payline will bring you 10 times more than the value of your bet.

The dice with numbers one and three are next in terms of payout value, so these five symbols in the winning combination bring 20 times more than the stakes. The most valuable among the dice are the dice with the largest numbers on them (five and six), and five identical dice in the winning combination will bring you 50 times more than the stakes.

The most valuable among all the symbols is the symbol of the cute furrier Sugar Dice, who holds dice with Chinese symbols in his hands. Five of these symbols in the winning combination will bring you 100 times more than the stakes. But that’s not the end of the story when we talk about this symbol. This symbol appears as a complex symbol, so it can occupy an entire column or even several columns at once.

The wild symbol is represented by a green grasshopper holding a dice. The Wild changes all the symbols and helps them create winning combinations. Whenever the wild appears on the columns it will automatically spread to all the columns it is surrounded by. This is a great thing that can bring you tremendous benefits.

Sugar Glider Dice

Gambling bonus

You can double your winnings with a fantastic gambling bonus. There will be five cards on the columns, one of which has the license face up. Your task is to draw a bigger card from 10 cubes in a row. Also if you draw a joker he is stronger than all the other cards.

Sugar Glider Dice
Gambling bonus

The columns of the Sugar Glider Dice slot are placed in a forest full of sweet fruit trees, which is also the natural habitat of this animal. Sound effects are standard and you can expect slightly better effects when you win with Sugar Glider. The graphics are very good and all the symbols are shown in detail.

Sugar Glider Dice – win sweet casino bonuses!



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