The Vampires – a mystical casino story with bonuses!

The mythological creature from Slavic mythology, processed many times through movies and books, also got its casino representative. The Vampires is a great video slot from the provider Endorphina, which revolves around vampires, their rituals and affinities. This is an exciting slot, where exclusive bonuses are waiting for you, which you can win through instant winnings in one bonus game, free spins with a multiplier in another bonus game and a gambling bonus. Read our review of this slot, and you are ready to embark on the adventure of meeting vampires in your favorite online casino.

Meet the Slavic mythological creatures in the video slot The Vampires

The online casino slot The Vampires is located in an old abandoned castle, a shelter for these creatures, which over time acquired the character of refining gentlemen. Such is the case with this game, where elegantly dressed vampires are accompanied by the music of sharp tones, as in horror movies. Far from being a horror slot, it has some scary elements, but it could hardly scare anyone. Either way, a game board is placed on the castle window, under which are human skulls, the remains of vampire food.

The Vampires
The Vampires slot layout

The game board has five columns in three rows, and 11 symbols appear on it, which we divide into basic and special. The first group of symbols includes a bottle of perfume, a bible with a rosary, a gun, accessories for killing vampires, three vampires and a vampire. All these symbols will give you winnings for combinations of 3-5 of them on the payline, arranged from left to right. The slot has 25 adjustable paylines, so you can play by betting on 10-25, and our advice is to play as many as possible because only one payout per payline in the same spin counts. Simultaneous winnings are possible but on multiple paylines.

As for the special group of symbols of the slot The Vampires, it has three symbols: the wild, the scatter and the bonus symbol. The bat with outstretched wings is the wild of this slot, which provides payouts for 2-5 of the same symbols on the payline, but it can also provide you with additional payouts. As it represents the wild, this symbol can replace all the basic symbols on the game board, and build a winning combination with them. Scatter and bonus symbols are the only ones that the wild cannot replace.

The Vampires
A winning combination with a wild

Play two bonus games with great casino bonuses

Another special symbol of The Vampires slot, the scatter, is represented by a vampire biting a girl’s neck, and this is a symbol that also appears in all columns and provides payouts. Scatter, like the wild, will provide payouts for 2-5 of the same symbols, but anywhere on the game board, regardless of paylines. Apart from that, the scatter is special because it can introduce you to the first bonus game when you collect at least three of the same.

When you succeed in collecting scatter symbols, a bonus game starts with 10 free spins, during which the multiplier x3 appears, which will be used to process each of your winnings in the bonus game.

The Vampires
Four scatter symbols

The last special symbol of The Vampires slot is the cup with blood, which is not a payment symbol, but it will take you to where the bonuses are. When you collect three or more of these symbols, from left to right in columns, side by side, the Necropolis bonus game starts. There will be 12 monuments in front of you, and your task is to wake up the dead who will give you bonuses. Just by carefully choosing, behind a few monuments you can find the inscription Game Over, which ends the game and you return to the basic game.

The Vampires
The second bonus game

The right choice leads you to twice as good bonuses – gambling

As icing on the cake comes the gambling bonus, with which you can make twice as many winnings up to 10 times in a row. Gambling can be started after any winning spin in the base game or after bonus games, after which you will be given a choice of one of four cards. If you manage to hit one of the four cards that will be more valuable than the revealed card, you have won a doubling of the winnings that triggered the bonus and continue to gamble or return to the basic game. If the bonus ends in a miss, you lose the winnings and return to the base game.

The Vampires
Gambling feature

All in all, The Vampires video slot is another interesting, standard video slot, which has several ways to win. From the base game, through the bonus game of guessing with instant winnings and bonus games with free spins and multiplier x3, the ways to win bonuses are numerous. Add to that the gambling bonus, and we’ve got a decent video slot, with an average RTP of 96%, that you can try out at your favorite casino.

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