The Thirteen – A slot that brings mystical casino winnings!

There are a lot of myths regarding the different days of the week worldwide. Friday the Thirteen is one of those days. This is the day that is considered unlucky no matter how many times in a year it happens. Under the influence of this phenomenon, the game provider Greentube presents to you a new Thirteen video slot. This is a standard video slot with 15 active playing fields, one bonus game with free spins and a regular wild. Its darker theme exudes a creepy atmosphere perfectly accompanied by minimalist music and solid graphics. Continue reading this text to learn more about the thirteen video slot.

Meet the mystical online casino slot Thirteen

The online casino slot Thirteen is located in a dark forest lit by a mystical green light; voodoo dolls lie next to pots with potions, and we have the impression that this is the yard of a witch. No wonder, two black cats are sitting on the game board, which appear on the board as scatter symbols. In addition to these, on the game board, we can also notice classic card symbols: a voodoo doll, a door with the number 13, a mirror and a fortune-telling ball.

thirteen, online casino bonus
Thirteen slot layout

To make a winning combination, all symbols except the Scatter symbols have to follow a rule of arranging on the reels from left to right. The Thirteen video slot has 10 fixed paylines, which means you can’t change their number. If you make more than one combination on one payline, only one will win, and that is the most valuable one. Simultaneous winnings on multiple different paylines are possible.

A witch represents the Wild symbol, which appears on all reels of the slot and performs functions within them to help you create winnings. The Wild’s most important function is to replace the basic symbols and build winning combinations with them. The only symbol that the wild cannot replace is the scatter symbol, so it is not possible for these two symbols in combination to trigger a bonus game.

thirteen, online casino bonus
Sticky wild in a bonus game

Play free spins with sticky wilds

When you collect three, four or five cat symbols anywhere on the game board, you will start a bonus game and win 13 free spins. A special treat of the bonus game is that scatter symbols also appear in it, which means that you can win additional free spins. In addition, the wilds will act as sticky symbols, which means that they will stay in their places once they appear on the game board. This will allow you more winning combinations, which also brings higher bonuses.

thirteen, online casino bonus
Each scatter adds one free spin

Thirteen is a high volatility video slot, which means that it is suitable for players who are willing to invest a larger amount of money and in return expect big bonuses. These are slots that usually win less often, but when they do, they are great.

The game also has a Gamble option, which will also help you increase your balance. It is an option that is available to players after each winning spin in the base and bonus game. To start gambling, you need to select the Gamble key instead of the Collect key after winning. It should be noted that this option is not available if you are using the Autoplay mode. So, when you find yourself in the Gamble game, one card and two keys will appear in front of you – Black and Red. You need to guess which color the hidden card is to double your bet.

Thirteen, online casino bonus
Thirteen, Gambling
If you enjoy a little darker video slots, and you also like high volatility slots, it is quite possible that you will also like the Thirteen video slot. Find it at your favorite online casino and try it today!

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