Triple Tigers – immerse yourself in the classic online casino slot!

The classic Triple Tigers slot comes from the casino game maker Pragmatic Play and has a completely different look from the slots we have been used to lately. This casino game takes us back to the past to the time of machines in the style of “one-armed bandit”. By introducing old-fashioned entertainment into the modern world of online casinos, we get everything we would expect from a good slot machine

Triple Tigers
Triple Tigers

Visually, at first glance, it can be seen that this is an Asian-themed game, including tiger graphics and lucky charms that have a special oriental look. This is a type of vending machine that is quite clearly aimed at the Chinese market. This is also a classic slot, so it is not so common and the uniqueness is reflected in the great design.

The classic slot with its layout will give you one classic line on three reels on which the symbols for forming winnings will rotate. This casino game does not have bonus features like bonus free spins or similar bonus games, as it is a classic slot machine.

The classic Triple Tigers slot takes you East with tiger winnings!

Even though only one payline is possible in the Triple Tigers slot, Pragmatic Play has not released its usual betting system but you have the option to choose one of ten coins per line. The game is also available on all devices, both on the desktop, on the tablet and a mobile phone.

The game is very simple and you can set your roles on the control panel on the +/- arrows, while you start the game with the inverted arrow, at the end of the control panel which represents the Start button. An Autoplay button is also available with which you can automatically spin spins 10 to 100 times, comfortably reclining in your armchair. The “i” option opens a page with information about this classic online casino slot. The three-horizontal dash option opens a menu that contains settings that affect the way you play.

Triple Tigers
Online Casino Bonus

As we said, the game has only one line on the three reels and yours is only to get three identical symbols in the middle of the reels. The name of the game is derived from the symbols of the Tigers, which is a combination of three gives the best payouts. The most profitable is the symbol of the Golden Tiger, which pays 500 times more than the stakes when three appear on the payline. You will also see purple Tigers paying 300 times more than the stakes for three of the same on the payline. As for the green Tiger symbol, expect a payout 200 times the stakes for these three symbols on the payline.

Joy in the online casino classic Triple Tigers slot is brought by three great symbols on the line!

In the Triple Tigers slot, you will also see the number 8 symbols and the golden Tiger paw, which also correspond to the theme of the game. These symbols reward 100 times more than the stakes when it comes to the lucky number eight, and 80 times more than the stakes for the Tiger’s golden paw.

Triple Tigers
Triple Tigers

As with retro classic slot machines, you will also find BAR symbols on the slot reels. BAR symbols come in the single, double and triple form and Silver, Red, Yellow and Green. These symbols bring a payout when you collect a combination of the same symbols but also when any three are placed on the centre payline.

The triple BAR symbol gives the biggest payouts, 50 times the stakes while the double BAR symbols pay 30 times the stakes. Finally, you can expect a payout 20 times the deposit from a single BAR symbol. And, if you only get a mixed combination of these symbols, you can win a payout 10 times the stakes.

You can try this casino game for free at your favourite online casino in a demo version. You will like the simplicity and good payout possibilities of the classic Triple Tigers slot.

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