Types of online casino players

Although a relatively new branch, the online casino industry has managed to successfully develop and gain its audience. Since then, the number of newly registered players has been increasing every day and as there are many of them, it is normal for them to differ from each other and branch by type. With this article, we will introduce you to the types of online casino players who are most often found in online casinos, which you certainly know. Maybe you find yourself here…

Types of online casino players – from novice to veteran

Newbie – every player starts at the casino as a beginner, nothing more normal. Although it seems to you that a lot of people already regularly visit online casinos, there are more and more new players every day. If you belong to this type of player, pay attention, you can have a bad time if you do not read this small article. It would not be bad if you already have the desire to play a game from the casino, first try the demo, which offers a large number of casino games.

ypes of online casino players
Card symbols; Types of online casino players

VIP players – those who choose casinos for certain reasons, mostly if they invest a lot of money or lose a lot. They are often at the casino, invest a lot and take this hobby seriously, gnawing at big winnings. Given their privileged position in casinos, they often receive special VIP promotions, bonuses and discounts so it is no wonder that they are active.

Veteran – the complete opposite of a novice; a middle-aged player, sharp-tongued and often overconfident. He knows everything about every game and often knows how to give good advice if you can ignore his arrogant attitude and bad humour.

Professionals – knows all the names of the bets, the schedule of numbers on roulette and when to stop taking cards in blackjack. He deftly goes for medium bets but he knows how to strengthen his hand when he feels it is time for that. This type of player often makes a living from casino earnings, so it is no wonder they go for medium bets – caution and patience are desirable traits, especially with strained hands.

Types of online casino players
Profit; Types of online casino players

Bad luck – probably the favourite type of online casino player. This player is just out of luck. Whatever he plays – slots, roulette, blackjack, poker … it does not work. First, it is questionable whether there is a factor of luck or a guy who simply does not have any strategy and does not know how which game is played. Other types of players occasionally fall into this group, because the “wheel of fortune is turning”, but the group of bad luck always has its permanent members.

Neutral – it is at the casino just to have fun. He is not too excited when he loses and does not “fly” when he wins, because he believes that the game should be enjoyed regardless of the outcome. He strives to socialize with other players or croupiers/dealer if there is a possibility for that and he likes to chat during the game. The game is tense, without excessive haste. There is no specific time when he is at the casino but he is there when he is free or when he has a little more cash in the box. In short – he does not care if he plays or not.

Types of online casino players
Online Casino Bonus

Compulsive – unlike the previous group, these players are so-called. “Nerves”, nervous, impatient and often arrogant. It is all in the heat of the game when the adrenaline starts to rise along with the tension but sometimes they can be hard. Driven by emotions, they run out, make mistakes and lose a lot of money which is why it might be better for them to switch to a slightly cheaper sport. Players like this often know how to cross the line, chasing winnings at all costs – which should be avoided when playing because such behaviour can often lead to addiction.

After all, each player is a story onto himself. If you found yourself in several groups at the same time in the article Types of online casino players, that is fine because there are compulsive veterans and neutral VIP players … this is just a review of the players we can all recognize. If you liked the article Types of online casino players, for more interesting articles about online casinos, visit the News category.

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