Valhalla – online casino game of Nordic mythology

Step into Nordic mythology with the Valhalla video slot coming from the Wazdan provider, with impressive features.

Step into Nordic mythology with the Valhalla video slot coming from the casino game provider Wazdan. This online casino game best illustrates the meaning of the sentence “Be worthy”. This is one of Wazdan’s most attractive games with great graphics, impressive features, and exciting gambling feature.

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  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

In case you didn’t know, Valhalla in Norse mythology means the Hall of Dead Heroes, which represents the Hall of Paradise. This hall is known as the castle of the god Odin where fallen warriors await Judgment Day. These warriors serve beautiful Valkyries, which you will have the opportunity to see in the slot.

This online casino game has great graphics and animations with beautifully designed symbols and an exciting gamble feature. A small complaint is that there are no free spins, which would make this game much more attractive.

The Valhalla video slot setting is on five columns in three rows and 54 paylines with an exclusive mini bonus game.

val 1 1

The Wild symbol is the most important feature in the Valhalla slot and is represented by the Valkyrie. The beautiful Valkyries represent the female goddesses of warriors, and they decide who lives and who dies in battle, that is, they choose which warriors from the battle will come to Valhalla.

When the wild symbol appears in this slot, you will see it burn tiles and draw a payline. The wild symbol has the power to change other symbols and thus help to form winning combinations.

The Valhalla slot introduces you to Nordic mythology!

The Valhalla slot with a fairytale theme gained in importance with Odin’s sharp decisions, which you will best see in the gambling bonus game, which is the main side game.

Before you start winning this online casino game, you need to get acquainted with the options on the control panel.

You adjust your bets using the +/- button, and when you are ready to play, press the Start button.

val 2 2

If you want to speed up the game, use the ultra-fast mode shown by a galloping horse, the rabbit is a symbol for fast mode, while the turtle is a symbol for normal mode.

You can use the autoplay mode by pressing the Autoplay button to the right of the Start button.

It is also recommended to look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game and the values ​​of each symbol separately.

The symbols in the slot are excellently designed and represent card symbols as symbols of lower value, and Nordic gods as symbols of higher payout value.

An exciting gambling bonus feature leads to winnings!

Now let’s see why the gambling bonus game is so interesting in this slot. Players who have tried the online casino game Valhalla have highlighted the game of gambling as the most interesting that will always bring them back to this game.

When you make a winning combination, an x2 key will appear on the control panel to enter the gambling game.

When you enter the gamble feature you will be taken to the realm where Odin stands in the middle, with two doors calling on both sides. It is up to you to choose which of these gates are the bonus gates to enter Valhalla.

val 3 3

You will know that you have made the right decision before you reach the door, thanks to a unique system. Namely, if Odin shows the opposite path from where you stand, you know you have lost.

If you hit correctly, you will see a warrior pass through the door, if you miss the warrior falls in front of the door.

If you hit the door through which the warrior needs to pass, your winnings are doubled, and you can gamble again or take the winnings. Players have a chance to gamble 7 times in a row, and if they get lucky, it can be a significant win.

The game has a medium to high volatility and is a true example of quality aesthetics. It is important to point out that the game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it via mobile phones.

Play the Valhalla slot at your chosen online casino and enjoy Nordic mythology.


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