Video slots with cascading reels – Highlights

Since they appeared in online casinos, the manufacturers of online casino games continue to make slots better and more interesting for players, adding various functions, interesting topics, but also additional promotional tools, such as jackpots and free spins.

Long ago, slots started to change their simple look and, upgraded with great features, became a favorite in casinos around the world. The former classic slots got their more advanced descendants, improved both in appearance and function, which are getting more and more attention. Such are the slots with cascading reels, which we covered in the Cascading Reels video slots tutorial.

As we have already dealt with this topic, processing it only superficially through examples of video slots, with today’s article we will win our favorites that you had the opportunity to read about in the Video Slots section.

Video slots with cascading reels

If you’ve read our tutorial on the topic of cascading reels, you know that cascading slots often come with a Megaways setting, which means that each spin changes the number of winning combinations. Since this is a common case at online casinos, we will first mention some of these slots with their modern themes and interesting features.

Magic Merlin Megaways

The first amongst the slots with cascading reels and the Megaways function is Magic Merlin Megaways, which has 117,649 winning combinations. This is a slot with six reels and a maximum of seven rows, in which the number of symbols changes with each spin, precisely because of this function. There is also an additional row of symbols in which basic and special symbols are collected, such as wildcards and scatter symbols, and a mysterious symbol appears on the basic game board that adds some of the basic symbols to the reels. Additionally, the slot has a bonus game with free spins during which the series of winning combinations are followed by multipliers whose value increases with each win. In theory, the value of the multipliers is unlimited, as is the number of additional free spins.

Magic Merlin Megaways - Video slots with cascading reels
Magic Merlin Megaways – Video slots with cascading reels

Pirate Kingdom Megaways

Pirate Kingdom Megaways joins this type of slots, it also has 17,649 winning combinations that appear on cascading reels. The slot is a classic pirate theme, with fine graphics and a solid soundtrack. In addition to the regular wild, this slot also has a double wild, which increases the value of the winning combination twice, when it is part of it. Of course, there is the possibility of more such wilds appearing, when they multiply with each other, providing better payouts.

Pirate Kingdom Megaways - Video slots with cascading reels
Pirate Kingdom Megaways – Video slots with cascading reels

Unlike the previous slot, Pirate Kingdom Megaways does not have scatter symbols, but enters the bonus game after four consecutive winnings, when eight free spins are won if the string stops at that number; for each additional win, the number of free spins increases by two. And the bonus game is somewhat different: when one reel reaches seven rows of symbols, it is locked and becomes sticky, and the symbols that were there at that moment remain on it. This lock is followed by a multiplier, which increases each time one of the reels is locked, and on the last spin, these reels give a free spin. The slot also has the option to purchase free spins.

Great Rhino Megaways

The article Video Slots with Cascading Reels continues with the last in a series of Megaways slots with cascading reels – Great Rhino Megaways, which also has its two predecessors – Great Rhino and Great Rhino Deluxe. In contrast, this slot has 200,704 winning combinations, the main game board with an additional row of symbols and a bonus game with free spins and multipliers. The slot has interesting graphics, is set in the savannah and is accompanied by an interesting soundtrack. Great Rhino Megaways also has the option of adding a multiplier value, which is charged, but can provide a multiplier of x25, which gives both a multiplier and more scatter symbols.

Great Rhino Megaways - Video slots with cascading reels
Great Rhino Megaways – Video slots with cascading reels

Dragon Spark

From Megaways slots we move to “regular” slots with cascading reels that have a fixed number of winning combinations. We will present this group by mentioning the Dragon Spark slot, which offers 3,125 winning combinations in the base game and 16,807 winning combinations in the bonus game. Unlike the previously mentioned slots, this slot has a multiplier in the basic game, whose value of x1 increases with each spin, going up to x50.

Dragon Spark - Video slots with cascading reels
Dragon Spark – Video slots with cascading reels

Dragon Spark also has several special symbols that destroy the basic symbols when activated, extending the resulting sequence. For example, the wild clean entire rows when it appears, and the exploding symbol removes all symbols in the environment. As for the bonus game, it is started by collecting scatter symbols, which are removed by removing the other symbols from the reels to the end of the reel, where they collect and start a bonus game with 10 free spins with the possibility of winning additional free spins.


The article Video slots with cascading reels end with a great atypical slot called Aeterna, which deserves the attention of fans of modern slots because of its appearance, which also brings somewhat more specific functions. The classic game board has been replaced here by a spherical board that contains something that could be called reels with symbols. The objective of the game is to collect three or more of the same symbols on adjacent fields to make a win.

Aeterna - Video slots with cascading reels
Aeterna – Video slots with cascading reels

Each win triggers a cascading reaction that changes the multiplier, going up to x20 in the base game and up to x40 in the bonus game. Field cloning can occur on the board after merging two winning combinations, resulting in a six-fold increase in the value of the winnings. The Aeterna slot also has a bonus game in which you can win up to 30 free spins, multipliers up to x40 and additional free spins.

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