Volatility or variance – an integral part of slots!

Volatility is often called variance and refers to how much risk is involved in playing a particular casino game. When referring to slots, the term is used to let players know how often they can expect a payout and how much that payout can be. Volatility is a category that is very difficult to calculate with slot machines because slots have a large number of spins, and therefore a large number of payout combinations.

Slot machines are classified into three categories according to volatility:

  • Low volatile
  • Moderately volatile
  • Highly volatile

Which slots are high and which are low volatility?

High volatility slots are slots that have a large difference between the minimum and maximum amount of winnings. These slots are intended for players who like risk and excitement, which are provided by free spins with multipliers, expecting a potential jackpot. We recommend these slots if you are willing to invest large sums of money, want bigger winnings and are not tired of waiting a little longer for that win and the bonus games that go with the big win.

Low volatility slots will reward players with frequent winnings, but small or medium values. They are usually chosen by players who do not like a risk but enjoy smaller and more frequent victories. You can play these slots if you want to invest smaller amounts of money, like to enjoy longer games and do not want to wait long to get bonus games. We also recommend these slots if you are new to the world of online slots.

How to calculate game volatility?

A good way to calculate the variance of a game is to look at the difference between paying four and five identical symbols. If the difference is three to five times larger, it is most likely a low volatility slot. If the difference is five to ten times, it is a medium volatility slot, and between ten and fifteen it is certainly a high volatility slot.

Certainly, the best way to check volatility is to try a particular game yourself and see for yourself on the spot. The rapper should be the longer you wait for a big win – the longer you wait, the higher he is, and therefore the higher his volatility. You can choose a game that suits you on our website.

Fans of slot machines know that whether they choose a slot machine with high or low volatility, relaxation and fun are guaranteed. Read other tutorials here.



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