Wagering Requirements

Are you wondering what Wagering requirements are? Devote your little time to read through this to understand!

The term “turnover condition” is associated with bonuses within online casinos. It is used to indicate the preconditions that determine how and when the winnings from the casino bonus can be used.

Imagine a situation where you get a certain bonus in an online casino. However, you fail to “withdraw” money from the account. This happens because you have, most likely, received a bonus that brings with it certain conditions. One of these conditions can be a reversible condition. If you do not meet this condition, you will not receive a bonus.

How does the turnover condition work?

Take for example that you received a bonus in the amount of 500 dinars. However, the condition is that you “turn over” your bet 5 times:

Bonus of 500 dinars X 5 revolutions = 2,500 dinars

It is important to understand that you need to first “spin” all that bonus money and only then everything you manage to get through free spins can be transferred to your account. Hypothetically, if you reach 6,000 dinars through a bonus game and “twist” those 2,500 dinars, you can raise 3,500 dinars.

There are also situations when casinos condition the receipt of bonuses by paying a deposit in a certain amount. Let’s add to the previous formula the deposit you have to pay in order to receive the bonus:

(Bonus of 500 dinars + deposit of 200 dinars) X 5 revolutions = 3,500 dinars

Bonuses are definitely a good way to try out a game. A big plus is when casinos do not require the payment of a deposit to earn a bonus, but even if that is the case, you still have a better chance of earning a decent amount. You can find out more about bonuses here. Take your time to play some of our games get a chance to win bonuses here.

If you are still unsure about the Wagering requirements information, read more in our tutorials section!


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