Apocalypse Quest – a video slot for action fans!

The exciting, dystopian video slot is behind the title of Apocalypse Quest online casino game provider GameArt. We will take you through a review of this casino game through the apocalyptic world inside the slot with free spins and a bonus game that can take you to one of the jackpots! Get to know the world in which the human race is threatened with extinction, and the stakes for survival are increasing!

Experience the last days on Earth through the Apocalypse Quest video slot

The Apocalypse Quest video slot is an online casino game configured on five columns in three rows with 243 winning combinations. To win, you need to arrange the combinations of symbols from left to right on the game board, starting from the first column on the left. The symbols of lower value are represented by the card signs clubs, caron, hertz and spades, and the symbols of crossbows, dynamite, engines and cars have a slightly higher value. The Wild is represented by a symbol with the inscription Wild and it can only replace regular symbols. So, he will build winning combinations with the basic symbols, which will give you greater payout potential.

Apocalypse Quest
Apocalypse Quest slot layout

Through three or more Respins, use the opportunity to win the jackpot

This video slot also has three special symbols, we will start with the bonus symbol. This symbol, which appears in the form of a hero on a yellow background, has the power to launch the bonus game Apocalypse Respins. All you need to do to start this game is to collect six or more of these symbols on the board. When the game starts, all regular symbols are removed from the board and only the symbols of the hero land on it. After landing on a field, these symbols are transformed into another special symbol, which appears in the form of an avenger with a mask over his face.

Apocalypse Quest
Six bonus symbols

It should be said that by starting the game Apocalypse Respins you will get three Respins, and every time a new hero symbol lands, the number will be reset to three. When the symbol of the hero turns into the symbol of the avenger, he will discover some random reward or one of the symbols that lead to jackpots. To win the biggest, Grand Jackpot, you need to fill all the fields on the board with GRAND symbols. The game ends either when you run out of Respins or when you win the Grand Jackpot.

Apocalypse Quest
Apocalypse Respins

Open a bonus game with nine free spins

The last special symbol of the Apocalypse Quest video slot is represented by the only female symbol. This is a symbol that has the inscription Scatter on it, and you know what that means. Collect three of these symbols and you will open the bonus game Free Spins, in which you will get nine free spins and increase the stakes three times! It is important to note that scatter symbols only appear in columns 1, 3, and 5. In addition, during this bonus game, all lower value symbols are removed from the game board, leaving room for better winnings with more valuable symbols. You can increase the number of free spins by collecting three scatter symbols again.

Apocalypse Quest
Three scatter symbols

As part of the Free Spins bonus game, it is also possible to run Respins if you collect at least six hero symbols. The game ends when you have no more free spins.

If you are looking for action, good fun and great winnings, our recommendation is to head to the online casino of your choice and try this game today. Tense music enriched with action movie motifs will make playing this slot more interesting and give you the necessary adrenaline. The dystopian video slot Apocalypse Quest with two bonus games and four jackpots brings action slots back into the spotlight!

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