Atlantis – explore the valuable lost city!

A new adventure awaits you with the video slot Atlantis, the provider of casino games Evoplay, which found the inspiration for this online casino game in the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. The game is flawlessly done with top design, bright colors and enchanting animations. While playing this online casino slot, you will enjoy bonus free spins with randomly added wild symbols, as well as respins, but also other bonuses.

The setting of the Atlantis game is on six columns in five rows and there are no paylines, and the interface is very easy to use. To win, you need to spin the appropriate symbols, on the first column and on at least one adjacent column.


The background of the game is a beautiful view of the lost city of Atlantis, illuminated by the moon. You will see pyramids, palm trees, a beautiful waterfall and a fountain with a stone sculpture. This stone sculpture also has its role in the bonus round.

At the bottom of the game are options for adjusting the size of the stakes, and starting the game. If you hold down the Spin button for a little longer, it will switch to the Autospin button, and rotate the columns automatically. You can deactivate autoplay at any time by pressing the Spin button.

The Atlantis video slot takes you to a lost city with enchanting graphics!

Playing the online casino slot Atlantis is very interesting, with bonus games, which will keep your attention at a high level. The game has a medium variance, but theoretically RTP is slightly below average. However, the beautiful look and unique and unusual bonus games will make you want to play this game more and more.

Also, the game has a cluster payment system, but it is not about matching three or more of the same symbols on adjacent columns, the number of total symbols on adjacent columns is calculated. You need at least seven matches to start winning cash prizes.

Online Casino Bonus

In the Atlantis slot, there are five character symbols, each of which occupies three rows on a column. Whenever one of these elongated symbols appears, it launches the Respin bonus, and moves one position down until it completely disappears from the columns.

These elongated symbols have no value in themselves, but each character has a corresponding icon on the paytable: a scientist has a book, an engineer has a gear, a mining supervisor has a drill, a cook has a soup bowl, and an explosives expert has dynamite sticks.

Character symbols replace their table icons when they appear on columns, so they can help form winning combinations.

The feature of reshaping the characters in the Atlantis slot helps to raise this six-column game above the usual one. When the characters start to match their individual store tools, it is possible to guess some big winning combination.

Exclusive Atlantis slot bonuses lead you to wealth!

It is recommended that you try the Atlantis game for free at your chosen online casino and get to know the rules and the way of the game better, as well as the unusual and enchanting bonuses.

Now let’s see what we need to do in order to activate the bonus free spins in the Atlantis slot.

Bonus free spins

On the columns of the slot, you will see a scatter symbol representing a stone of strength, and is depicted as a diamond-shaped gem. This is exactly the symbol that will help you start the bonus round of free spins. Namely, you need to get four scatter symbols during four consecutive spins, to run bonus free spins.

Each time a mighty stone lands on the columns of the slot, it glows towards the stone sculpture in the lower right corner of the screen. Then part of the sculpture rises into the air. Each subsequent appearance of the scatter symbol leads to an increase in the second segment. But, if no stone of strength completes the set, all the stones return to their original position.

Winning combination in free spins

When all four stones are lifted into the air, bonus free spins are triggered. You will then be rewarded with eight bonus free spins, during which random wild symbols appear on the slot’s columns.

Enjoy exploring the lost city of Atlantis, with the Atlantis slot, which comes from the Evoplay provider, with exclusive bonus games. The game is optimized for all devices, so you can explore Atlantis via your mobile phone.

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