Casino superstition – myths and rituals

We will dare to think that superstition at the casino is as old as gambling and betting, if not older. Every nation has certain types of superstition in its folklore but some of them have found their place in modern culture – hence the superstition at the casino.

From those “positive” rituals that supposedly attract happiness, such as a rabbit’s paw, a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe (hence these symbols in casino games), to those that are malicious, unlucky, such as lending money to other players or counting money in a casino. With this article, we will try to discuss the most common rituals of players in the casino, positive and negative and if you think that we have left out some – write to us.

We will start the article with the most ingrained myths, which apply to people around the world and which are adhered to by players from all meridians.

Happy and unhappy numbers

Concerning which culture the player comes from, there can be different lucky and unlucky numbers but it is generally known that every player, even every person and the one who does not use the services of a casino has his own. It is common knowledge that the number 4 is unfortunate in Chinese culture and even hated so much so that they avoid using it when numbering streets, floors or lockers in schools. On the other hand – in Western culture, the number 13 is considered an unlucky number, because it is associated with the 13th day of the year that falls on a Friday. Thus, players from China will avoid number 4 on roulette and players from America 13.

However, a lot of casino players seem to find their luck in number 7 – again, it is not surprising that it can be found in many slots, where they are mostly the most valuable and bring in the most money.

Lucky Number 7 Superstition at the casino
Lucky Number 7 – Superstition at the casino

Casino superstition – money

The first thing an experienced casino player will not do is lend money to another player. This is how fate is tempted to take more money when you are already giving it so lightly. But, there is something practical in that: if you lend money to a player who has already spent a lot of money by that time, running out of money (and often luck), he will grab a straw asking you for money and how not until that moment he was unlucky, there is a possibility that you will never see that money again.

Casino Supertition
Borrowing money – Superstition at the casino

Another thing emerged as a casino painter – counting money at a table played in front of other players. Mahler or simply an ugly gesture. The players are very sensitive on this issue.

Red colour

Starting from wearing red when they go to the casino to players betting more on the red squares on roulette, although the statistical chances are the same for black. Red, primarily in the East, is believed to bring happiness and prosperity, hence a large number of oriental-themed games (slots, for example) come in bright colours, attracting good luck. Players who wear red shoes or red hats can often be seen in casinos – all to the best of luck!

Casino Superstition
Red dice – Superstition at the casino

Ticks and gestures

The first in a series of “illegal” gestures is the crossing of legs. This is perhaps the strangest myth in our article Superstition at the Casino, which has no logical basis but it is simply thought that a player who does not cross his legs is more careful and better focused on the game. As crazy as it sounds, a lot of players stick to this.

The second gesture may be more interesting to you because it is used with us – itchy palms. Unlike our neighbours, Bulgarians, who believe that itchy palms bring pain, in our country the situation is opposite. As you know, we believe that money arrives when the left palm itches and that it leaves when the right palm itches – although this theory varies from person to person.

Casino Superstition
Mahler – Superstition at the casino

It will be sooner that the itching of the palms at the casino comes from excessive sweating in a rush of adrenaline – it is known that casinos are stressful places where you sweat a lot. Well, maybe that is the answer to why this is a bad sign for casino players – stress is associated with sweating.

This concludes today’s article Superstition at the Casino. The list can be extended for more myths because there are about as many casino players but we will stop here because the goal was to list only the general rituals that players adhere to or on the contrary that they avoid. Write to us about your “trips” and rituals and maybe some of them will be found in some future sequel.

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