Dragon Spark – Casino Slot with Fire Bonuses!

Welcome to the dark cave where dragons live! Visit this magical place where you will have the opportunity to enjoy great winnings on falling reels, magical Wilds, an exploding symbol and a bonus game with dragon eggs! Dragon Spark offers you 16,807 winning combinations in a bonus game with which you will be able to achieve great winnings and take your gaming experience to a higher level.

The falling reels of the Dragon Spark casino slot bring multipliers

The famous game maker Playtech provides you an online casino slot that comes with five falling reels. The symbols are arranged from left to right, because of the falling reels, the symbols disappear once you make a winning. When this happens, the above symbols replace the empty spots. The new symbols will then need to be merged again to make a winning combination and continue the sequence. As long as the Cascade Reel Function lasts, you will be able to activate Respins Functions as well.

dragon spark

Dragon Spark, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus,
Falling reels of Dragon Spark casino slots

The game also has multipliers. The first win you make will be worth x1, but each winning combination increases the multiplier by x1. If you’re lucky enough, the magic of falling reels can bring you winning streaks that will go all the way to the x50 multiplier! When the resulting sequence is completed, no matter how long it lasts, all the reels are rotated together again and you get new symbols that are ready for new combinations. The Dragon Spark slot doesn’t have classic paylines, but offers you 3,123 winning combinations during the basic game and as many as 16,807 winning combinations during the bonus game.

dragon spark

Dragon Spark slot layout

The online casino slot Dragon Spark has two types of symbols that will appear on the dark blue board. The first group includes basic symbols, which include different colored jewels – green, orange, pink and blue. There is also a dagger, a bottle with a drink and two rings. These basic symbols are joined by the queen of dragons, a beautiful brown girl with a green crown. This is the most valuable symbol that can only offer a payout for only two symbols in a winning combination. All other symbols pay for three or more of the same.

An expanding Wild and an exploding symbol destroy everything in front of you!
The second group of symbols consists of special symbols, the Wild, the Bonus symbol and the Exploding symbol. The Wild appears in the form of a dragon with the inscription Wild and this is the symbol that appears in reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. When participating in the winning combination, the Wild will expand to the entire row of the reel in which it lands and thus increases your winning chances. All horizontal lines caught in the flames of the Wild and all lines in the path between the Wild and the Exploding symbol will collapse if there are no new gains.

dragon spark

Dragon Spark, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus, casino slot
Two Wilds in the first two rows

The Exploding Fire Blast symbol appears in the form of a fire green ball that explodes when it is on the game board and removes all the surrounding symbols. With each explosion, a game multiplier grows, and this symbol can’t just blow up the Wild and the Bonus symbol.

dragon spark4

Dragon Spark, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
An Exploding symbol

The Golden Egg opens the bonus game with 16,807 winning combinations!
The last special symbol in the series is the Bonus symbol which is represented by a golden egg with the inscription Bonus. This is a symbol that appears on the reels but collects below the reels. In order to pick the fruits that bear these symbols, you need to remove all the symbols that are in their way and lower them to the end of the reels. Once you collect them, you will be offered 10 free spins and launch Bonus Game in two rows! The Free Spins Function will offer you 16,807 winning combinations!

dragon spark5

Playtech, Online Casino Bonus, Casino Slot, Dragon Spark
Bonus game

The great thing is that the value of multipliers will only increase and provide you with even greater payouts! Each Bonus symbol you collect in the repository will give you three additional free spins!

Dare to peek into the Dragon cave where exclusive bonuses, multipliers, special Wilds and exploding symbols are hidden. Play Dragon Spark casino slot, try the magic of falling reels and feel its power in a Bonus game that will offer you 16,807 winning combinations!

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