Gem Saviour – collect gems and win prizes!

From the prominent casino game provider, PG Soft presents a unique video slot- Gem Saviour. In this interesting video slot game, Ara, the evil sorceress, set off with her troupe of mystical creatures and attacked the village of Audora. She steals precious jewels from the villagers.

A young girl, Misela, who fought bravely, but lost and was turned into a cat. Misela set off in search of the hero holding the key to breaking the curse. She unexpectedly acquires a pair of wings that allow her to fly. With the help of the wings, a saviour is reached who can release the true power of the jewel!

Gem Saviour
Gem Saviour

In the heroic adventure, the hero encounters various events with each spin, such as relics with different types of rewards and monsters. He finds relics, a bag with money, and a chest with treasure. Finding a treasure chest only happens when there is a treasure key in your hand that can increase winnings by up to 30 times more than the current bet! The treasure key will be removed when you get the treasure chest.

Gem Saviour – a cat and a hero travel together!

The configuration of this unique video slot is on six reels in six rows, inside which are symbols like Jewels, of different colours. At the bottom is a control panel with options that help in the game. You have the option to adjust the sound in the Sound field. The Rules field will direct players to the rules of the game, and the History field to the game history. Players also have the option to adjust the spin speed and start the game on the blue button in the middle.

Gem Saviour, Online Casino Bonus
Gem Saviour, Online Casino Bonus

The symbols in the Gem Saviour video slot look like Gems and have different values. It is necessary to connect four symbols horizontally or vertically for a winning combination. When a Respin Gem appears on the reels, all symbols on the reels will be removed and replaced with a new symbol arrangement.

There is a Heroic Adventure feature in this slot. During each spin, the hero travels and encounters various relics. He destroys and smashes relics until he comes up with some of the rewards such as a:

Follow the hero to the rewards!

  • Money Bag – rewards are increased by two to five times the existing stake.
  • Treasure Map – finding a relic with a treasure map can only happen when there is no activated map on the reels or treasure key in hand.
  • Treasure Chest – you can only come across a Treasure Chest when you have a key in your hand. The prizes are 10, 15, 20, or 30 times more than the stakes.
  • Monster Encounter – if the hero encounters one or more monsters, he will fight them. Then a Special Gem can appear that will help the hero by replacing some of the existing gems and creating winning combinations. If the hero reaches zero, the Cat will create a shield around him until he recovers for further fighting. Each defeated monster brings a multiplier to the hero. If the monsters reach zero, they disappear.
Gem Saviour, PG Soft, Online Casino Bonus
Gem Saviour

Theoretically, the RTP (return to player percentage) of this unique game is a high 97%. The interesting Gem Saviour video slot has many functions and multipliers and is worth a try. It is available for play on all devices, both on the desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

In this game, players will feel like they are in an adventure full of excitement that brings valuable gains.

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