Raiders of the Hidden Realm – an irresistible ice kingdom

Raiders of the Hidden Realm – welcome to the ice kingdom! The next video slot that we will present to you will remind you of well-known science fiction movies. To those films that represent futurism to us. The complete design of this online casino game is surrounded by ice and ice symbols can help you reach some great winnings. From the game maker, Playtech comes an amazing casino game called Raiders of the Hidden Realm. Read more about this game below.

Raiders of The Hidden Realm is a futuristic video slot that has five reels arranged in four rows and 40 paylines. All winning combinations are calculated exclusively from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left. To make any winnings you need to connect at least three matching symbols on the payline.

Raiders of the Hidden Realm
Raiders of the Hidden Realm

If you make more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the winning combination of the highest value. The sum of winnings is possible only if they are realized on different paylines.

Next to the Total Bet keys, there are plus and minus keys with which you can adjust the value of your bet. You can activate the Autoplay function at any time, as well as Turbo Mode. Now all you have to do is click on the button and enjoy the game!

Raiders of the Hidden Realm slot symbols

We will start the presentation of symbols with the symbols of the lowest value. Instead of the classic card symbols, in this slot, they are geometric figures. The two symbols of the smallest value are the Square and the Triangle, while the Rhombus and the Pentagon carry a slightly larger value. These appear to be diamonds in the shape of geometric figures.

You will also see three futuristic symbols, the most valuable of which is the purple ball.

The three main symbols that are, among other things, the initiators of special games are Morgana, Strider and Sparks. Morgana stands out as a symbol of the highest payment value.

Three types of free spins

There are three types of free spins, and now we will explain how to run them and what their special functions are.

  • Morgana Free Games

When the Morgana symbol appears stacked on the first and fifth reels, Morgana free spins are triggered. You will then be rewarded with eight free spins. With each spin, you will get more Morgan symbols on the reels and this will increase your chance of reaching high payouts.

Raiders of the Hidden Realm
Morgana Free Games
  • Strider’s Free Games

When a Strider appears stacked at the same time on the first and fifth reels, Strider free spins are launched. You will be rewarded with seven free spins. Whenever the Wild symbol appears during free spins, it will freeze and remain in place until the end of this round. The more Wilds, the greater the chances of your big winnings.

  • Spark’s Free Games

When Spark appears as a complex symbol and fills the first and fifth reels, then Spark free spins are triggered. Then you get six free spins. Each Spark symbol that appears during a round of free spins gets random multipliers that will increase your potential winnings.

Raiders Shuffle

There is also a Wild symbol. These are two frozen letters A. This symbol participates in one special game. When any of the three main symbols (Morgana, Strider and Spark) appear stacked on the

first reel and occupy the entire reel and partially the fifth reel, Raiders Shuffle is launched. Then that symbol turns into Wilds and is randomly arranged in reels. Great chance to make a good profit.

Raiders of the Hidden Realm
The Wild

The graphics of the game are great and next to the reels you will see ice rocks and one of the warriors. The sound effects are futuristic and great sound effects are waiting for you when you win.

Raiders of the Hidden Realm – ice fun with great bonus games.

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