Hood vs Wolf – Red Riding Hood and the evil wolf fight!

Fantastic news awaits all fans of fairy tales and good games. PG Soft has made a perfect blend – a fairy tale, a slot game, and a lot of fun! All this together provides an irresistibly good time. It’s all about the fight between Little Red Riding Hood and the evil Wolf! The story of Little Red Riding Hood has been told a million times before, but you have to see it in the new video slot: Hood vs Wolf – the Wild Hunt.

Hood vs Wolf the Wild Hunt, Jackpot, and Online Casino Bonus

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Hood vs Wolf the Wild Hunt

Hood vs Wolf has five reels and 30 fixed paylines. When a player starts spinning, they will discover many other unusual functions including progressive bonused, powerful bars, famous game paper, stones, scissors and free spins with special features.

This video slot is not like other classic slots inspired by children’s fairy tales. The graphics are high quality, drawn in the popular manga style of Japanese comics and this slot acts more like an active Japanese cartoon than a slot machine game. Above the slot, you see the tops of an animated film showing a Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf cries out in anger, and Little Red Riding Hood calls for help.

The jackpot brings you 15,000 times your bet!

This game has 16 symbols, but only 11 are paid symbols. The most precious symbol is the wild, which can pay 10 – 500 times your stake. The wild changes all symbols except scatter symbols. If all positions on the screen are covered by the wild symbol, then a player will win a jackpot that can pay 15,000 times their stake. Other symbols pay less with between 10 – 150 times the stake, while card symbols pay the least with between 3 – 30 times the stake. As the player spins, a player will also see an abundance of symbols in the form of paper, stone, and scissors. When two of these symbols appear, the symbol that wins the game will pay out the prize associated with it. These special symbols appear only in the second and fourth reels.

Hood vs Wolf – the eternal battle of good and evil! Throughout the game, you will see the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood push themselves to the top of the screen, while their scales decrease and increase with power. The power scales have eighteen bars, which can be filled when you collect symbols with the power of a Wolf or the red cap. These are the scatter symbols of this game. The symbol that gets all eighteen bars will start the corresponding online free spin game. Both free spin games are played in the same way, but with different characteristics. If the Red Riding Hood symbol wins, a player will play three games of paper, stone, and scissors with the Wolf. For each round that Little Red Riding Hood wins, a player will receive five online free spins. During each online free spin that is activated, Little Red Riding Hood will mark five different random positions on the screen. If a wolf symbol lands on any of these positions, it will become a wild symbol.

The wolf bonus game is played in the same way, the player only gets one marked starting position on each spin, instead of five.

In short, Hood vs Wolf is an attractive slot that will attract players looking for fun and prizes! A fantastic jackpot 15,000 times bigger than your stake is waiting for you, so don’t wait, spin!!! Defeat the evil Wolf and win great prizes!

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