Necromancer – ghosts bring casino bonuses

Necromancy is a process in which the souls of the dead are summoned to foretell destiny, and this is the main theme of the new 3D slot presented to us by the Ukrainian game manufacturer Evoplay. The name of this slot is short and clear – Necromancer. You will find yourself in the middle of a meeting where the necromancer is preparing a magic potion to revive the spirits, while his faithful companion, whom you will see on the columns of this slot, listens to him without discussion. You will also find several bonus games such as free spins and Respin bonus. Read the rest of the text, a detailed overview of the Necromancer slot awaits you.

Necromancer is a 3D slot of fantastic animations that has five columns in four rows and 40 fixed paylines. To make any winnings you need to connect three or more matching symbols on the payline. All winning combinations are counted exclusively from left to right starting from the first column on the left.


Only one win can be made on one payline, and if you have more than one payline on one payline, you will be paid the combination of the highest value. The sum of winnings is certainly possible but only when they are made on several different payment lines at the same time.

The Balance field contains the amount of money remaining available for you to play, and you can adjust your stakes using the plus and minus keys inside the Bet key. The Autoplay function is also available and you can activate it at any time, and by clicking on the arrow button you can activate Turbo Spin Mode and thus enjoy a much more dynamic game.

About Necromancer slot symbols

It’s time to introduce you to the symbols of the Necromancer slot. You will not see so many recognizable card symbols in this slot, so their place among the symbols of the least paying power has been taken by the spirits of purple and green, but also the spirit wrapped in bandages, which represents a kind of mummy. The skeleton is the next symbol in terms of payout, while all other basic symbols are represented by certain types of monsters.

The monster with the shield carries the lowest payout power and pays three times more than the stakes for the five symbols on the payline, while the red payday monster has the highest payout power. If you line up these five symbols on the payline you will win 30 times more than the stakes.

The pumpkin traditionally used for Halloween is the wild symbol of this game. It appears exclusively on the second and fourth columns and changes all symbols except the scatter, and helps them to create winning combinations.


Respin Bonus

During the base game, whenever you make any winning combination, you will activate the Respin Bonus game. The symbols that participated in the winning combination will multiply and appear in greater numbers on the columns during the resp. If you win again during the respin, it will not activate the additional respin. Another thing that is very important, scatter symbols do not appear during the Respin Bonus, so you cannot activate free spins during this bonus game.

The animation during this bonus game is great because the necromancer will draw symbols from his pot that will multiply and throw them on the columns.

Free spins

The scatter symbol is represented by a picture of a mysterious coffin and it appears only on columns two, three and four. The three scatter symbols on the columns will activate free spins and you will be rewarded with five free spins. During each spin in this bonus game, the necromancer will draw random symbols and throw them at the columns. This will increase your chances of winning big. Scatter symbols do not appear during free spins, so this bonus game cannot be reactivated.

Free spins

The Necromancer online casino slot is placed on the cemetery, all the symbols are scattered on the sidewalks and the necromancer himself is in front of them uttering spells and summoning dead souls. The music is creepy and spooky and fits perfectly into the overall theme of the slot, and whenever you make a win you will notice creepy sounds.

Necromancer – the souls of the dead are the key to great gains!



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