Peking Luck – online casino game of big winnings!

You have probably noticed that many slots come with an Asian theme, which is not a coincidence because this culture is very rich and makes an inexhaustible inspiration for online casino providers. The exception is not Pragmatic Play, which presents us with the Peking Luck video slot, Asian themes but not so common because this casino story is set in the opera. The peculiarity of this game makes the possibility of payouts up to 180,000 times larger than your stake in one spin, which is a real rarity in video slots but a great reason to try this online casino game.

Peking Luck
Peking Luck

The Peking Luck video slot features rich colours and complex graphics. The background is a fantastic scene of a stormy sea with blossoming trees and Chinese lanterns. The visual materials are done in HD style, which gives the game a superb look. The sophisticated design continues with animations on winning combinations and the soundtrack is quite striking.

The setting of this online casino game is on five reels in three rows and 20 paylines with Wild symbols, large multipliers, Scatter symbols and bonus free spins in the game with high volatility and above-average RTP (return to player percentage).

Win 180,000 times more than the Peking Luck video slot!

The Wild symbol has the best payout potential by offering as much as 10,000 times more than the stakes, while in the bonus free spins you can reach a multiplier of 18 times higher. This is a game of high volatility with potentially large gains.

The beautiful Chinese woman, who is shown with a fan in her hand, is a Wild symbol of this casino game. It can act independently but it can also change other regular symbols. All winnings with the Wild symbol payout with 2 times, when it acts independently, they double. The Scatter symbol is in the shape of a Golden gong and has the power to award bonus free spins.

Peking Luck
Wild symbol, Online Casino Bonus

As for the other symbols in the slot, you will see the traditional symbols of cards A, J, K and Q, lower values. They are accompanied by symbols of greater value, such as a Cymbal, a Fan, a Drum, a Dragon and an Asian mask. By getting five types of symbols of higher payout value, you will gain 12 to 30 times more than the stakes.

The slot is available on all devices and the control panel at the bottom of the slot, you set the size of the stakes with the arrow keys +/- and start the game with the reverse arrow, which represents the Start button. There is also an Autoplay button, which lets you automatically play the game between 10 and 100 times.

The Wild symbol is the only symbol in the slot that constantly appears stacked. It is possible to get a full screen of Wild symbols, which in itself brings 10,000 times more than the stakes. Any winnings with the Wild symbol will be doubled.

Randomly select the number of free spins with multipliers in the Peking Luck slot!

What interests everyone is the free spin bonus game. You can activate the bonus free spins by using three or more Scatter gong symbols on the slots reels at the same time. After launching the bonus free spins, the slot leads to a second screen showing six traditional Asian fans.

Peking Luck
Bonus free spins

Players select one of the ranges to reveal the number of bonus free spins, ranging from 5 to 50 bonus free spins. After that, the game takes you to the next screen where five dancing Dragon masks are waiting for you. Here you select one of the masks to find the number of multipliers which ranges from 2 to 18 times. The multiplier applies to all winnings during the free spins bonus round. By getting three more Scatter symbols you get the opportunity to get an additional 10 bonus free spins.

If you are interested in how to achieve a big payout of 180,000 times more than the stakes, you need to get an 18 times multipliers in the bonus free spins and a screen full of Wild symbols. It is not common but it can happen. Let us mention that five Wild symbols pay 400 times more than the stakes. The full-screen Wild symbol will award 25 times the payout of 400 times more than the stakes, once for each payline which is equal to 10,000 times more than the stakes.

Peking Luck
Peking Luck

Peking Luck is a game of high volatility and potentially very big gains with a great theme and graphics. Bonus free spins, multipliers and Wild symbols will allow players to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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