Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss – casino fairy tale!

Through the video slot Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss from Greentube casino, let’s remind ourselves of one of the most tragic love stories written by the English writer William Shakespeare. This is a very interesting video slot, which has one bonus game and several interesting functions that lead to a bonus. From the Change of Heart function through the functions Reel Love, A Brush with Love and Sealed with a Kiss, we come to the bonus game Free Spins where Juliet is waiting for us, ready to share bonuses. This video slot follows the story of a couple in love, Romeo and Juliet, and the main detail of the game is the love letter that Romeo tries to send to Juliet. Follow this interesting letter adventure and take part in winning great bonuses!

Meet the Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss slot

The online casino slot Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss is located in Juliet’s magnificent garden, which is adorned with a paved road that leads to a summer house surrounded by various statues and greenery. The look of the slot is really beautiful, the action of the slot takes place in a sunny garden, and a fairytale music recording follows every segment of the game. The game board is bordered by a bronze frame and symbols appear in it in five reels and four rows.

Romeo and Juliet - Sealed with a Kiss
Slot layout Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss

The basic symbols of the Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss slot are, the card symbols spade, hearts, club and diamond, and they are joined by a love potion, a mask, a carrier pigeon, Romeo and Juliet. Of the special symbols, there is a wild represented by a heart with the inscription Wild. This is a symbol that will help you compose the winnings by replacing the basic symbols.

Four bonus functions of the Romeo and Juliet slot – Sealed with a Kiss

The online casino slot Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss has several great features and one bonus game. We’ll start with the features. There is, first of all, the Change of Heart function, which can be started after a non-winning spin. This is a feature that runs randomly when Romeo spins the reels of the slot in an attempt to help you put together a winning combination. This is a function that is repeated several times and brings with it guaranteed winnings.

Romeo and Juliet - Sealed with a Kiss
Change of Heart

The Reel Love function also runs randomly during any spin. Then all the reels of the Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss slot will spin and you will be offered to choose one. The spin will then stop and this reel will be mapped to the other reels bringing in the winnings!

Romeo and Juliet - Sealed with a Kiss
Reel Love

Another function can be run randomly after an unprofitable spin in the video slot Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss, namely A Brush with Love. Then Romeo will replace some of the symbols on the game board and provide winning combinations. This is a function that can be repeated several times in a row.

Finally, we come to a feature that can take you to a bonus game. It is about the Sealed with a Kiss function, after which the slot got its name. When Romeo starts writing a love letter and throws it towards the slot reels, you will know that the function has started. When the letter lands on the first reel, he turns it into an expanding wild and moves the screen to the right, moving towards Juliet’s balcony. With each reel you fill with the expanding wild, you move closer and closer to Juliet until you fill all five reels when you start the bonus game!

Romeo and Juliet - Sealed with a Kiss
Sealed with a Kiss

When Juliet receives the letter, the bonus game begins with additional wilds

At the beginning of the bonus game, Juliet receives Romeo’s letter and gives you five free spins. If you think this is small, there is also the option of acquiring additional free spins represented by a purple heart with the inscription +2. During the free spins, Juliet will send kisses to Romeo and these kisses will land on the reels in the form of hearts representing the Wilds! And that’s not all, Juliet can also send enlarged heart symbols of size 2 × 2, 3 × 3 or 4 × 4!

Romeo and Juliet - Sealed with a Kiss
Wilds in a bonus game

Follow a couple in love who express their love to each other and you are rewarded with bonuses during that act. In the video slot Romeo and Juliet – Sealed with a Kiss you will find four special functions during which Romeo will help you put together winning combinations, and a bonus game in which you will feel Juliet’s love for Romeo because she will show it by sending a wild and additional free spins! The game also has a winnings gambling option that you can run after each winning spin in the base and bonus games. Play this great video slot, which makes you melt with grace as you turn the reels, have fun and enjoy the romantic atmosphere!

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