Stacks of Pearls – sea online fun with rich pearls!

Move to the realm of the ocean – you will be delighted with the treasure hidden at the bottom of the sea. Your journey can begin here with the Stacks of Pearls slot by the experienced online casino game maker Microgaming. Just follow the path of your winnings on five reels in three rows and thirty paylines. Amphitrite, the daughter of the Greek sea god Nereid, will accompany you on this journey and ensure you find pearls!

This sea-themed video slot will welcome you in a completely enchanting atmosphere at the bottom of the sea. The look of the slot and its music will contribute to the feeling of magic and the animation will hold your attention. As various fish fly over the reels, follow the valuable symbols of shells that can bring you nice gains!

Meet the Stacks of Pearls slot

The slot itself is very easy to operate, under the reel there is a control panel that contains all the necessary keys for the game. The main ones are on the right with the + and keys you adjust the bet along the line and with the two arrow keys that go in a circle you adjust the automatic rotation of the reels. The Autoplay button and there is the Spin button, represented by the green arrow. On the other side, there is a button that indicates the game menu and there you can find out about the game itself, functions and symbols. There is also a window that has an informative character, on it, you will see the number of winnings, paylines and slot functions. Now that we are done with the slot interface, let us move on to the symbols and their functions.

Stacks of pearls
Slot symbols

Symbols from the bottom of the sea reveal good gains

We will start with the symbols of lower value, which are represented by classic card symbols but decorated with various sea plants, Tentacles or Rudders. So we have the standard symbols of the letters Q, J, A and K. There are also various Fish and forgotten objects from the bottom of the sea but also a ship that was attacked by a sea monster and a sea kingdom on the reef. Of the more paid symbols, we have Poseidon and Amphitrite. Apart from the payment, these symbols are special in that only two identical symbols are needed for the winning combination! The payout rules are the same as for regular symbols, only from left to right and from the first reel on the left. If there are more wins on the payline, only the highest value will be paid. But if there are more wins on more paylines, all the biggest wins of all paylines will be paid out.

We have come to the most valuable or most useless symbol of the Stacks of Pearls slot, you will see why we say this. It is a symbol of a shell with the inscription Bonus. When found on the reels in a basic game, this symbol can reveal either an empty shell or one with a white pearl! Well, this other shell represents a Wild that appears as a complex symbol!

Stacks of pearls
Wild shell and empty reel shell 4

Collect complex symbols and open a bonus game with multipliers!

When the Wild shell is found on the central reels, second, third or fourth, it will replace all regular symbols and build winning combinations with them. You will have more opportunities to create winning combinations that will lead to nice winnings!

There is something we have not told you. The Shell symbol can appear in two more forms as a 2 or 3 times multiplier! These two symbols can only appear on the reels when the Pearl Bonus game is activated.

To activate the bonus game, you need to order complex Wildcard symbols on the central reels. You will get five Respins if you collect a compound Wild on any central reel. So, the Wild must occupy the whole reel, all three rows. If you have more complex Wilds, you will also have more Respins.

Stacks of pearls
Complex symbols on the second and fourth reels

The already mentioned multipliers can also be found on these reels. They will increase your payline winnings two or three times, depending on who participated in the winnings. The largest possible multiplier per line is 27 times. Do you know what is even better? Reels participating in the bonus game stay in place with shell symbols that will increase your winnings!

Stacks of pearls
Multipliers in a bonus game

Do you like diving and want to move to the kingdom of the ocean? Do this with the refreshing Stacks of the Pearls video slot. You will have opportunities and good earnings with special Respins, Wild Wilds but also regular symbols that are not to be underestimated! Embark on a sea adventure via desktop, mobile phone or tablet and enjoy spinning!

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