Super Hot – online slot fire winnings

The Super Hot online casino slot comes from the Wazdan provider with a classic theme, great graphics and a great interface.

The online casino slot Super Hot comes from the casino game provider Wazdan with a classic theme, great graphics and a great interface.

In the next part of the text we will inform you about:

  • Theme and features of the game
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

The Super Hot slot comes with three columns in three rows and 5 paylines with bonus elements. The background of the game is a wall of red fire bricks, and the columns are in the middle.

super 1 1

What is first noticed when the game is loaded is the flame of fire that engulfs the columns of the slot. Also, this fire element suggests that the game will be exciting and that you can expect a good payout.

Casino game provider Wazdan has made the perfect move by combining old retro charm with modern elements in this online casino game.

Payout lines are fixed and positioned from above, in the middle, at the bottom and diagonally. To win in this slot you need to place three matching symbols on the payline.

The Super Hot Slot leads to crazy casino fun!

The background of the game is in red with a gold frame around the columns, while inside there are symbols of beautiful design.

It’s time to introduce the symbols that will greet you on the columns of the Super Hot slot. To begin with, we present the red cherry as a symbol of the lowest payout value. This is followed by the spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds which have a mean payout value.

Now follow the symbols of higher payout value, which are the BAR symbol, the symbol of the golden star, and the symbol of the fire number seven.

As with most slots with this theme, number seven has the highest payout value. It is known that in many cultures, this number is considered a lucky number, and if you get the right combination in the game, it will bring you a lucky win.

super 2 2

What you need to pay attention to is the control panel located at the bottom of the slot. The control panel is beautifully designed and adapted for easy handling.


Before you spin the slot’s columns, adjust the size of your stakes to the +/- buttons on the control panel at the bottom of the game. You start the game on the round black button with white arrows on the right, which represents Start.

Next to it is the Autoplay button, which is used to automatically play the game a certain number of times. On the left, you will see a button with which you enter the game information, where you can see the value of each symbol.

The Super Hot slot also has one specificity that is related to the symbols spade, hertz, club and diamond. Namely, when a 3 × 3 group is created from the same examples of these symbols, your winnings will be doubled.

Double your winnings in the gambling game!

Also, it is recommended to look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game. It is very simple and you will quickly master everything you need.

We have already said that this online casino game does not have bonus free spins, but that is why it has a mini bonus gambling game.

Namely, after each winning combination in the Super Hot slot, you have a chance to gamble your winnings and thus double your earnings. The dice button will be displayed in red with an x2 label at the time you win.

super 3 3

When you enter the game of gambling, you will get cards that are turned over and you will be shown two colors, which are red and black.

Your task is to guess the color of the next randomly selected card and if you do it correctly, your winnings are doubled. Be careful, because if you miss during the game of gambling, you lose the bet.

You can try the Super Hot online casino game in a demo version at your chosen online casino for free, and it is optimized for all devices, so you can also play it via mobile phones.

As you can conclude from this review, a fiery party awaits you on the columns of the Super Hot slot, from which you can emerge as the winner. A special excitement is brought by a mini bonus game of gambling where you get the opportunity to double your winnings.

Take a chance and play the Super Hot slot at your chosen online casino and have fun.



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