Symbols of Egypt – get to know Egypt through a casino game!

We get a double video slot from the game manufacturer PG Soft. If there is one slot that will introduce you in detail to the symbols of ancient Egypt then it is this slot. You will see them on the reels but also above the reels. It will be practically all around you. The name of the new video slot is Symbols of Egypt. A great bonus game awaits you that can bring you random multipliers. The game is full of wild symbols that will help you take the fun to the next level. Below you can get acquainted with a detailed overview of the video slot Symbols of Egypt.

Symbols of Egypt is a video slot that has three reels in three rows and nine paylines, which are fixed and you cannot change and adjust their number. The only possible winning combination is a combination of three matching symbols. Only one win can be made on one payline. The sum of winnings is of course possible but only when they are realized on different paylines.

Symbols of Egypt
Symbols of Egypt

You can select the value of your total stake per spin by clicking on the coin image button. The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time. You can also set Turbo Spin Mode by clicking on the lightning button. This will make the game much more dynamic.

About the symbols of the Symbols of Egypt slot

When we talk about the symbols of the video slot Symbols of Egypt, absolutely all the symbols of this game will be exclusively related to the theme of ancient Egypt. The symbols of the lowest payout value are the jar and the Egyptian cross. The next two symbols in terms of payout are two crossed sticks and an eye symbol. Birds and snakes have a slightly higher payout value.

These symbols are followed by the symbols of a cat and a certain statue which represents the cult of one of the Egyptian deities. The symbol of the statue of a human-like bird is the next symbol in terms of payment value, while the symbol of the highest payment power is the symbol of the pharaoh. These three payline symbols bring 30 times more than the value of your stake per payline.

Of course, the story with the symbols of this slot does not end here. The Symbols of Egypt slot also has a wild symbol bearing the wild logo. This symbol replaces all symbols and helps them to form winning combinations. The Wild appears exclusively on the second reel. The good thing is that this symbol appears relatively often and can fill an entire reel.

The Wilds
The Wilds

Any winnings can trigger a bonus game

However, the story with this game does not end here. And above the reels you will see another playing field with certain symbols. Above you will see four paylines with five symbols each. In the middle position are the fields with multipliers.

This is a kind of bonus game. But how to activate it? When you see the symbols above the reels you will see that they are dimmed. Whenever you make a winning combination down on the reels, the symbol that participated in it will light up above the reels. The goal is to connect five illuminated symbols above the reels on one of the four paylines. That is, four symbols and a multiplier. Unlike the fields on regular reels, they do not have to be matching symbols, it is important that they are five illuminated symbols.

Bonus game and great multipliers

When you manage to form five symbols on the payline above the reels, a random multiplier is launched. The multiplier values ​​are as follows: x2, x3, x5, x10 and x30. This multiplier will be applied to the winnings you make in the regular reels.

Bonus multiplier
Bonus multiplier

After that, the symbols that participated in the winning combination in the field above the reels will darken again, and your task is to form the winning combination again in those fields above.

The reels of the Symbols of Egypt slot are placed in the very lobby of one of the Egyptian temples. The music is very authentic and brings the theme of ancient Egypt into the world of online casino games.

This game is made primarily for mobile devices, but you can also play it on your desktop or laptop computer.

Symbols of Egypt – get to know Egypt through a casino game!

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