Western Wilds – a slot inspired by cowboys and rich in bonuses!

Western Wilds is the Iron Dog video slot that once again moves us to the Wild West, an inexhaustible inspiring ground for casino makers. This slot is located among the canyons, in the desert, where cowboys are preparing to rob a bank. These cowboys are equipped with dynamite, which will be key in bonus functions and slot games – sometimes the explosion will be accompanied by regular and extended wilds, and sometimes the launch of a bonus game!

The Western Wilds online casino slot is an interesting casino achievement, coming with five columns in four rows and 1,024 ways to win in the base game.

western wilds

Appropriately, the slot board was presented by a bank in the style of a saloon, a traditional inn where people drank, smoked and debated.

The possibility of increasing the winning combinations exists and it happens in the bonus game, which will be discussed later.

Meet the symbols in the Western Wilds slot!

The Western Wilds slot contains some of the classic symbols we are used to, such as card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A, which are joined by a bag with gold coins, two cowboys, a cart with gold, a hat and a boot with a spur.

These are the basic symbols, which provide a gain for combinations of 3-5 of them on the game board. Combinations must match a predetermined 1,024 combinations, i.e. one of them, to make a profit.

The first from the group of special symbols in the Western Wilds slot – the wild – will help to make a profit. This is a regular wild, represented by crossed pistols, which appear in columns 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the basic game. Its role is to replace all the symbols, building winning combinations with them.

The next special symbol is also the Wild, which also has the function of replacing the symbol, but differs from the regular Wild. Namely, this wild, which appears as a golden symbol with the inscription Wild, is an expanding wild and appears only in the basic game.

This means that when it appears, it can be extended to an entire column, all four rows. It occurs randomly in columns 2, 3 and 4, ie the central columns, and several wilds can appear at once. Its entry into the game was followed by a cowboy shooting at the board, randomly placing wilds.

aa 34

TNT opens a bonus game with successive explosions

The last symbol of the Western Wilds casino slot is the TNT symbol which is crucial for starting the game. This is not a scatter symbol, although it runs a bonus feature. Namely, the TNT symbol appears only in the basic game and affects the scale on the right side of the slot.

Whenever it appears on the board, this symbol will explode, bringing a regular or expanding wild, and can bring up to three of these symbols at the same time.

Be careful now, if it happens that after the first explosion, the winning streak continues, making three wins in a row, the scale with TNT symbols is filled, resulting in an explosion that opens the bonus game.

aaa 36

This bonus feature of the Western Wilds slot starts with 8 free spins, and there is a possibility of increasing this number, because a new scale is introduced in the bonus game, on which your winnings will depend.

The bonus game, therefore, starts with eight free spins and without a multiplier, but with the possibility of expanding the game board, which opens up an additional number of winning combinations.

Pay attention to the scale above the columns, it contains random gold safes, which hide prizes in the form of additional free spins, multipliers, wilds and symbols that unlock additional fields.

Safes hide special prizes in the bonus game with up to 7,776 ways to win

The mentioned safes will reveal their content when there is a win in one of the free spins. Then it will move one place to the left, and the first in a row will reach the first place, where it opens and we find out the contents of the safe. Depending on the color of the safe, the prizes are as follows:

  • The blue safe hides the wilds and places up to three wilds on the columns
  • The orange safe increases the multiplier to x3
  • The green safe can bring up to five additional free spins
  • The red safe unlocks up to two fields on the game board

It is this red safe that is in charge of increasing the number of winning combinations, just by adding fields.

Namely, whenever the red safe discovers this symbol, the board, which has five columns in four rows in the starting position in the bonus game, is expanded.

The maximum number of fields that a bonus game can have is 30, ie the board can reveal two additional rows of symbols, bringing the number of ways to win to 7,776.

aaaaa 12

The interesting Western Wilds video slot is definitely a refreshment, as far as Wild West-themed slots are concerned. Additional interesting features with exploding symbols, additional wilds and expanding wilds provide additional payouts, which is very desirable at the casino.

When we add to that a bonus feature with free spins, extra free spins, multipliers, wilds and board extensions up to 6 × 5, we get an enticing Western Wilds video slot.

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