Carnival Cash – get ready for special features!

We’re taking you to the circus! Get ready to witness a show you have never seen before, filled with a variety of artists that will relax your mind and fill your wallet! Carnival Cash is a video slot by game maker Habanero inspired by the circus world, in which performers of unusual abilities gather to perform and amaze the audience.

The entire background is covered with a heavy red curtain, characteristic of theaters and circuses. The performers are eagerly waiting for the show to start and amaze their audience! You can’t wait to see what happens when the curtains open, so get to work and check out the information of the game before you start spinning!

The music of this slot is very discreet and reminiscent of the music of American ice cream trucks. Cute, unobtrusive. However, when you make a winning you will hear an exciting music to entertain you more!

The centre of the slot is occupied by the reels where symbols appear and move when you make a winning combination. The background of the reels is purple with stars and golden framed.

Carnival Cash slot symbols

Carnival Cash is an online slot with five reels in three rows and 25 paylines. The most common symbols are the smart monkey, strongman and lion. With these combinations, you can win up to 100 coins. But by combining multiple combinations in one spin, you can earn much more.

A horse, a bearded woman, a caravan passing through a ring of fire and colorful balloons are the highest paid symbols. You can also win over a thousand coins for five of these same symbols. Don’t let these symbols go unnoticed!

The last two symbols of the Carnival Cash video slot are special and bring you much more than just money. The elephant symbol is the Wild and can replace any regular symbol, except the Scatter symbol. Note a combination of several elephants can bring you up to 2,500 coins.

Carnival cash

Carnival Cash, Habanero, Online Casino Bonus
Carnival Cash slot symbols

The Scatter symbol triggers a special function: Superspin!
The director of the circus, that is, the Ringmaster, is a Scatter symbol and he is in charge of the program running smoothly. When three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels at once, anywhere on the reels, they will launch a special option, the Superspin.

When you run this feature, the elephants, which are the Wilds of the Carnival Cash slot, will appear piled up on the reels, and the reels will rotate in the opposite direction, giving you the opportunity to make big winnings!

The Carnival Cash video slot also has an Autoplay option that will come in handy when you get tired of spinning. At the bottom of the board are also buttons for adjusting stakes and coin sizes, and a window showing your current balance!

The rewards available are more than decent, so you have no excuse! Come to the circus where you will enjoy a spectacle prepared just for you by the renowned slot manufacturer Habanero!

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