Gods of Gambling – Do You Pray While Playing Casino Games?

From ancient times the people gambled and played games, and fortunately they asked the Gods of Gambling to help them! When you look at casinos today, you can see the shine and glamor. Also, with the development of the industry, there was the development of online casinos, which enabled the enjoyment of casino games in the comfort of one’s own home. Most people are aware that casino games are, in fact, games of chance, and some are skills. When it comes to happiness, people are prone to superstition and prayer.

In the past, people turned to divine inspiration for happiness at stake. Whether you are playing an online slot game or a card casino game, it is nice to think that someone is watching your luck. In this text, we will introduce you to some wise gambling gods from various ancient civilizations to whom people around the world still pray today.

Gods of gambling – do you sometimes pray for good luck?


Lakshmi was a Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. She is probably the most famous gambling deity. She is still adored today. Lakshmi is associated with the Hindu tradition, but it is also important in Jainism and within Buddhism. She is the eternal wife of Lord Vishnu and serves as the source of his strength. It originated from the bloody seas and the original ocean, and was then a symbol of good luck and prosperity. However, although it brings good luck, it can also despise those who do not deserve it. So, this is a story of caution, although it quickly rewards those who deserve good luck, it can also punish those who are too greedy.

Gods of gambling
Gods of gambling

Hermes – the cunning Greek god of gambling

Hermes is a Greek gambling god who lives on Mount Olympus and is one of Zeus’ children. Hermes was conceived, born and raised in one day. That is why it is known as the “divine trick“. Because of Hermes’ reputation as a cunning deceiver and his ability to surpass other gods, he was accepted as the god of gambling! According to Greek legend, he invented dice and people prayed for his happiness while they played. If you like dice games, try the great casino game Hi Lo from the prominent casino game provider Expanse Studios. You can ask Hermes for good luck, you never know.

Gods of gambling – a belief from ancient times to modern online casino gaming!


Macuilxochitl is an Aztec god and his name literally means “prince of flowers“. This god presides over some of the most beautiful pleasures in life, such as music, dancing, painting, writing games and, believe it or not, gambling. He, however, draws the line between pleasure and excess, so he should not be angered.


Nohoilpi is a Navajo god of gambling and is known as a great gambler. Always preoccupied with myth, he loved to play gambling games and was good at them. He wore a huge turquoise talisman, each gambler has his own amulet. Do you have your own amulet and does it help? After a while, accustomed to winning every bet, he became greedy. He conquered houses and even the families who lived in them. He captured these poor people and used them to build what suited him.

Play casino games and help the gods!

However, this abuse did not go unnoticed. Other Navajo deities noticed his bad deeds and decided to teach him a lesson. During the night of mystical singing, the gods gave the common man special games of chance so that he could defeat Nohopilius and win the freedom of all who were enslaved. With the help of the gods, man defeated Nohopilius and freed all people, and Nohopilijo was sent to heaven. This story serves as a useful lesson to even the best gamblers – greed has its consequences and no one, not even the god of gambling, is invincible. Play responsibly and have fun.


Thoth is the Egyptian god of the moon, wisdom, magic and time. Gambling also comes under his control. This Egyptian god of gambling is represented by the body of a man and the head of an Ibis bird. Many consider him an Egyptian colleague of the Greek god Hermes.

This article is a brief reminder that sometimes one should pray to the gods for happiness, as was done in ancient times. But be careful, you have seen greed being punished. Do you have a deity to whom you pray? What impression did the gods of gambling leave on you?

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