Football Studio – a live game for sports fans!

There are a lot of popular casino games with attractive themes. The football studio game is one of them. The perfect blend of interesting elements makes this game unique, irresistible and a source of entertainment.

Introducing a combination of a super-fast card game and watching a live football match – Football Studio! Follow live football match comments, celebrate goals, chat and experience world-class gaming with a game from Evolution’s Top Card offer!
Players get to bet which of the two dealt cards will be a winning card or a draw. Set in a football-based environment, players participate in match comments as well as goal celebrations.

football studio

Football Studio, Evolution, Live Dealer, Live Casino, Online Casino Bonus
Football Studio, Evolution

Guess the right card and launch an unprecedented light effect in a Football Studio!
Rules of the game

Only two cards are dealt on an interactive whiteboard designed in the style of a football field. Players get to bet which side wins, home or away and whether they will draw. The cards are dealt from a deck containing eight decks excluding jokers. Once the bets are placed, the dealer will draw a card that is facing up, one for the host and the other for the guest. The highest card wins money in a 1:1 payout.

The highest valued card is A, with the lowest being 2, 3 and so on. If half of the player’s main stake is home or away and he placed a Draw then he will have a payout of 11:1!

A winning trigger light effects, which gives the game extra charm. Choose your map, comment on the match, have fun and enjoy Football Studio!
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