Imperial Fruits: 100 Lines – the royal online casino game!

Fruit trees have always been an inspiration to game makers. Classic slot machines will never go out of fashion and new online casino games with fruit trees are full of special functions. The new game that we will present to you contains several special symbols. Read more about them below.

Imperial Fruits: 100 lines arrives from the game manufacturer Playson, which can be said to specialize in fruit games.

Imperial Fruits: 100 lines – 100 paylines – higher chances of winning

As the name suggests Imperial Fruits: 100 lines has a hundred paylines that are fixed. It is well known, the more splat lines, the greater your chances of making a profit. The game has five reels in four rows, and fruit trees are the dominant symbol and you will most often see them on the reels.

Imperial Fruits: 100 lines
Imperial Fruits: 100 lines

For most symbols, the rule is that you must stack them on the payline from left to right, starting with the first reel on the left. However, there are a few symbols that are exceptions to this rule but about them later.

Three symbols on the payline are the minimum to make some winnings. However, there is an exception to this rule.

If you have more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination. The sum of winnings is still possible if it is realized on different paylines.

The symbols of the least value are four fruits: Lemon, Orange, Cherry and Plum. Five of these fruits stacked on the payline will bring you the value of the stakes.

This game also brings us a new fruit symbol, which we do not meet so often and that is Pears. Five pears in a winning streak will give you four times the value of the stakes.

Lucky 7 is the highest-paid among the basic symbols!

Plums and Watermelons, as usual, they have the same value. Five of these symbols in the winning streak will give you ten times the value of the stakes. The highest-paid among the basic symbols is the red lucky 7 symbol. By the way, this is the only symbol that will offer you a payout for two symbols in the winning sequence. But the real win awaits you if you make a string of five winning symbols in a row. Then you will get 50 times more than the stakes!

We will start the story of special symbols with the Royal Crown. This is the Wild symbol of this game. It changes all the symbols except the Scatter and helps them form winning combinations. If this symbol is found in the winning streak, it will spread throughout the whole reel and thus help you make additional winnings. The Royal Crown is the key to big wins! The Wild appears exclusively on reels two, three and four.

Imperial Fruits 100 lines
The Wilds

Imperial Fruits: 100 lines has two Scatter symbols!

This game also has a Scatter symbol, not one but two! We have a Gold and a Diamond Scatter. The diamond Scatter is a white star that shines with a diamond shine! This symbol appears only on reels one, three and five. If these three symbols appear in one spin, you will win twenty times the value of the stakes!

You can expect a much bigger payout from another Scatter, the Gold Star! This symbol appears on all reels and for five symbols you will get 100 times more than the stakes! Scatters are the only symbols that pay wherever they are on the reels, whether on paylines or not.

The reels are placed on a dark red background and in the upper left corner is a picture of the Crown and the logo of the game.

Sound symbols are standard and you can expect somewhat stronger effects when winning and especially when winning combinations in which the Wild participates.

Imperial Fruits: 100 lines – a royal casino game with fruit trees!

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