Top 5 Christmas Slots – Part Two!

The holiday euphoria is largely underway. Lately, you have seen a handful of holiday-themed games on our portal. We have presented the Top 5 New Year’s slots, Top 5 Christmas slots and Top 5 holiday slots. This time we present you the Top 5 Christmas slots – part two. The number of games with New Year’s and Christmas themes is extremely large, so even if we wanted to, we could not present everything to you through our Top 5 category.

That’s why we decided to present you only some of the most popular slots. Of course, our list will not only include the slots that are played the most, but also the ones that will draw your attention to because we think they are the most interesting. Not to be too long, we present you the Top 5 Christmas slots – the second part.

Top 5 Christmas Slots – Part Two – Better Wilds for Christmas

We start with one classic slot that comes to us from the game manufacturer Playtech. The very title of this game tells you that even better wilds are waiting for you for Christmas. This slot has five reels in four rows and 25 paylines. On the reels you will see card symbols, sweet cherries but also single, double and triple bar symbols. In addition, classic symbols such as a golden bell and the famous lucky 7 await you!

Top 5 Christmas Slots - Part Two
Better Wilds for Christmas

The main stars of this game are wild symbols, both regular and special. The special wild symbol is in the shape of a green diamond. When it appears on the reels, it moves one place to the left, and when it moves another time, another wild is added. And with each new move, an extra one is added. All of this together can lead you to great gains. If you’re a fan of classic slots don’t miss Better Wilds for Christmas.

Griffins Quest Xmas Edition

The central theme of the next slot on our list is griffins. Mythical creatures with the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, but also a snake’s tail. These creatures were represented in various mythologies. Griffins Quest Xmas Edition is a slot that comes to us from the game maker Kalamba Games. The reels are placed in a strange 4-5-6-5-4 formation. Among the symbols you will see card symbols, unicorn, winged lion, wizards and griffins.

This game has 2400 winning combinations. With the help of bonus symbols, you come to a point of happiness that can bring you a cash prize or free spins. Free spins can come with a multiplier of x2 or x3. You can also buy free spins through the Hyper Bonus option. During free spins, lightning strikes that can bring you additional free spins.

Top 5 Christmas Slots - Part Two
Griffins Quest Xmas Edition

All symbols can appear as single, double or triple.

The reels are decorated like a Christmas tree. Behind the reels you will see a forest full of cute Christmas trees and a bunch of decorations. Let the holiday spirit come to your home with griffins!

Merry Scary Christmas – Top 5 Christmas Slots – Part Two

This year, Christmas is about to be stolen by the evil Santa Claus. All you have to do is prevent it, and for that you will get a convenient cash gift in the Merry Scary Christmas video slot. The rotten Santa Claus stands all the time on the left side of the reel and reacts to your every win.

- top 5 Christmas slots - second part
Merry Scary Christmas

If five gifts appear on the reels, the Santas Gift bonus is launched, which can bring you random cash prizes, free spins or wilds with multipliers.

The Risk n Buy function is also available to you. With the help of a certain monetary compensation, you can automatically activate the bonus game. Gifts and sweets appear on the reels, and the music brings horror that threatens to ruin your Christmas. But with the help of bonus games, you will definitely avoid it. Play Merry Scary Christmas.

Wild Rubies Christmas Edition

Another representative of the classic slots was on this list. This is the Wild Rubies Christmas Edition that comes to us from the game manufacturer Gamomat. The great thing that will make you happy at the beginning is that the maximum projected payout is 2000 times higher than your stake!

Red diamonds are the wilds of this game and they will bring you the biggest payouts. On the reels you will also see: oranges, plums, lemons, cherries… A double gambling bonus, classic card gambling and ladder gambling are also waiting for you.

top 5 christmas slots part 2
Wild Rubies Christmas Edition

All the symbols are covered with snow and that will bring a festive spirit into your game. Enjoy the Christmas classic.

Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special

New Christmas stories are coming to us in cascading reels! Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special is a Christmas version of the popular fairy tale about three pigs and an evil wolf. When you add to this whole party that pigs can turn into wilds and that this can increase your winning streak even more, it is clear to you that you have to try this game.

top 5 christmas slots
Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special

This slot reaches us in five reels in three rows and 25 paylines. During free spins, you can also activate the bonus game blowing Down the House. The symbols of the moon are the key to it. With this bonus game you get great winnings.

The reels are covered with snow and decorated like a Christmas tree. Enjoy with the fabulous Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special slot.

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