Triple Bar – great casino fun in a new classic

If you want a simple game, without any bonus games we have the right thing for you. All fans of good old vending machines with fruit trees and bar symbols will be delighted. Triple Bar is a classic that you will fall in love with and is presented to us by the game manufacturer 1X2 Gaming.

All you need in this game is to form a winning combination and you will always mean what you are on. All you have to do is look at the payout table and everything will be clear to you. The golden black background is something that has refreshed this slot and therefore has a very modern look. You can read an overview of the Triple Bar slot below.

Triple Bar is a classic slot that has three columns placed in just one row. The interesting thing is that there is only one fixed payline in this slot. So all you have to do is place three identical symbols on that payline. It is important to say that this is also the only possible winning combination. There is no possibility of making any winnings with one or two of the same symbols in the winning combination. Winning combinations are calculated exclusively from left to right, starting from the first column on the left.

As we said here, only one payline combination per payout is possible so this is one of the slots where you don’t have to worry about what if you have multiple payout combinations on one payline. This is practically impossible.

Triple Bar
Triple Bar

Clicking on the coin image button will open a menu where you can place your bets. Interestingly, two plus and two minus keys will open. Clicking on the closer plus and minus keys increases or decreases the value of your stake. By clicking on the remaining plus and minus keys, you set the minimum or maximum bet per spin. These keys will appeal to both players who like to play small games, and those who like strong roles.

The Autoplay function is also available and you can activate it if you don’t like to run spins. If you want a much more dynamic game you just need to enter the settings and activate Quick Spin Mode. You can also deactivate the sound effects and music of this game in the settings.

Triple Bar slot symbols

As we have already mentioned, this is a minimalist slot, so there are not many symbols in it. Only three types of symbols appear in this slot: single, double, and triple Bar symbols.

When we talk about potential gains the gain created from three single bar symbols is the gain of the least paying power. If you combine three single bar symbols on the payline, you will get four times more than your bet.

Triple Bar
A winning combination with a single Bar symbol

By the logic, you will assume that the next symbol is a double bar symbol in terms of payout value. If you manage to combine these three symbols in the winning combination, you will win eight times the value of your stake.

Triple Bar
A winning combination with a double bar symbol

Win 36 times more

The last, but also the biggest possible winning combination is a combination of three triple bar symbols. If you combine these three symbols in the winning combination, you will win 36 times more than your bet. Take the chance and come up with a great win!

The RTP of this classic slot is 96.3%.

As we have already said, the columns of the Triple Bar slot are placed on a combination of gold and black background. When you open this game this wallpaper gives it a very modern look. Unobtrusive music is present all the time as you spin the columns of this slot. The sound effects when winning are great, and whenever you win, a graphic animation will be launched that will delight you.

Play Triple Bar and enjoy the simplicity of the game.

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