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Wizdom Wonders is a six-book reel slot from PG SOFT consisting of respins, multipliers, and other interesting bonus features. Go back to a time thousands of years ago, when certain mystical spells were hidden in this wizard book. With the spells from the book one can do unimaginable things, such as invoking exotic events or even natural disasters! Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? This old wizard needs your help to attain the alchemy magic spell which is the most powerful and impressive spell of all. Your goal is to keep an eye out for magic symbols on all the pages that show up because it turns into an Alchemy symbol further triggering mysterious magic that increases your winning chances.

wizdom wonders




Wizdom Wonders, PG Soft, Online Casino Bonus

Wizdom Wonders

There are a total of 11 symbols in Wizdom Wonders which you will notice when the old wizard book opens. There is an orange frog, an orange spider, a purple mushroom and a blue drink.

In the book, you will find different low valued symbols printed in various colors. The bonus symbol contains the word “bonus” written in light yellow letters.

Wizdom Wonders – discover three spells!

During any spin, when there is one or more winning symbols, all the winnings will be multiplied by the multiplier shown. All books with the winning symbols will then be closed revealing either the water spell, fire spell or lightning spell which will then come into effect.

The fire spell removes books along the vertical axis whilst the water spell removes all books along the horizontal axis. In addition to that, the lightning spell will remove a book that contains that spell and a randomly selected book. Once all spells have taken effect, new books will be added in place of the removed one leading to new winnings, and the multiplier will be increased by one.

At the start of a bonus feature, you are awarded eight bubbles that you must click on to open each and you will see either try again, prize value, or additional pick. The value of the prize can range from 2 to thirty times the stake. If the value of the prize is revealed, it will be added to the total winnings. If an additional selection is detected, it will increase the number of balloon ejections, by the value printed in the detected balloon. The highest-paid symbol is the orange frog, followed by an orange spider and then the mushroom symbol.

The game was developed with great animations and graphics. The music is mysterious and you can even hear the sounds of frogs in the background. The way the reels and symbols are arranged differs from most games as well. The symbols are found in the spell books, and the reels are rotated by turning the pages of the book until you get the full symbol.

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